Air Jordan 11 Black Red Bred 378037-061 Resale Value | Buy, Sell Or Hold?

2019 air jordan 11 black red bred 11 resale value buy sell or hold

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I’ve written two different posts projecting the number of pairs of the Air Jordan 11 Black Red ” bred” that might’ve been produced, and i’ll invite to check those articles see link below

General Release Jordan Retros Resale VS Retail Value | The Implications

Now it’s time to check out the current resale value of the shoe via third party marketplaces. A lot of folks are targeting this shoe and rightfully so , but is it worth the hassle? I collected my data via eBay and StockX and separated them to show you exactly what the shoe is selling for by size and marketplace. Let’s start with eBay, see charts below

Number of pairs sold by size ( eBay)

2019 air jordan 11 black red bred 11 number of pairs sold per size on eBay

The size that is selling the most on eBay is the size 11, followed by the size 13, size 10.5 and 11. Sizes 17 and 18 recorded the lowest number of sales ( and it’s self explanatory). Now let’s see what the average sale price is by size ( on eBay).

Average Sale Price by size on eBay

2019 air jordan 11 black red bred 11 average sale price per size

size 12.5 and 18 sold the highest ( obviously because those are rare sizes to come by and folks would not hesitate the pull the trigger on them). The mark up on the size 18 was about $113 (47.68% mark up) and the mark up on the  Size 12.5 is about $128 ( 54% mark up). Let me also give you a full breakdown of the average profit by size ( once the eBay, shipping and paypal fees are deducted).

eBay fees= 10%, paypal fee= 4%, shipping= $15 on average

2019 air jordan 11 black red bred 11 average profit per size on stockx

You can clearly see that size 9,11,12.5,13 and 18 yield to the highest profit ( remember that the shoe retails for $220 before tax and $237 if you live in the state of Maryland). The overall average profit if you take into consideration all the entries is $24

Now let’s check out StockX’s records

StockX ( Avg sale price by size)

2019 air jordan 11 black red bred 11 average sale price per size on stockx


The average sale price on StockX is $285 and the profit once the selling fees ( 9.5% + 3%) are taking away is

Profit= $285- ( 12.5% x $282)- $237= $12.375 for a 5.22% mark up.

The overall profit on eBay was about $24 while the overall profit on StockX is about $12.375. Common sense and logic would lead us to sell the shoe on eBay. If you choose to do that, I would encourage you to aim for the sizes that yielded the highest margins ( see profit chart).

I’m also going to incorporate some additional data from the 2018 Jordan 11 Concord since there is a strong correlation between the Bred 11 and the Concord 11. It will give us some insight into evaluating the performance of the Jordan 11 Black/Red in third party marketplaces.

Regular/ common sizes ( size 8,8.5,9,9.5,10,10.5,11,11.5,12,13,14)

2018 air jordan 11 concord last 100 sales recorded

You can clearly see that the average sale values for the last 100 recorded sales ( for regular sizes) is between $271 and $313. Let’s not forget that  it has been almost a year since the shoe has released with a retail price of $220. Let me also show you a chart of  the average profit by size.

2018 air jordan 11 concord average profit by size

You have to remember that your initial investment on the Jordan 11 Concord is about $240 after tax. So if you’ve held on to your pair for a year, you’re currently sitting on average profit between -$1 and $35. The overall average profit on this shoe is about $16 ( if you take into consideration all the entries). In my opinion that’s not a good long term investment unless you’ve purchased the shoe at its wholesale price or you’ve purchased multiple pairs ( 1000 or more) which will be an even worse investment( too much money tied up in one shoe). So what’s my recommendation then for the Jordan 11 Black Red “Bred”

Stock Market

If you like the Stock market terminologies, my recommendation would be- SELL ( immediately)

Average Reseller

I wrote the post below about general release sneakers and discovered that most of them lost about 8.28% of their resale value by the time the shoe released, see link below

General Release Jordan Retros Resale VS Retail Value | The Implications

The air Jordan 11 Black and red has more of an appeal than any other GR retro but I’m still assuming that by the time it officially releases it will lose about 6.28% of its resale value ( recorded before release date). So Should you buy,sell or hold the shoe as a long term investment? I’ll say buy and sell the most profit yielding sizes immediately. The other alternative would be to not even buy this shoe for resale purposes- the margins aren’t that enticing and we’ve seen that even after a year Concord 11 hasn’t being very fruitful.

You can buy the Air Jordan 11 Black Red Bred from the legitimate sellers in the listings below

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