Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 |How Many Pairs Made & Market Value?

Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 How Many Pairs Made & Market Value 555088-028

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The Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 is releasing on Saturday October the 26th and folks are definitely looking forward to snatching a pair for various reasons, some to add to their collection and others for monetary gains. My job this morning is to come up with a believable estimate of the possible number of pairs produced. I was going to create a linear model based on the last two pairs of Jordan 1 Highs that dropped i.e the Obsidian AJ 1 and the First Class Flight AJ 1 , but I realized there was a model breakdown once I looked at Footlocker’s release locator map. So I was compelled to go the archaic way; before I set up my assumptions let’s quickly get a count of the number of  North America’s retailers that will be carrying the shoes.

Major Retailers: FootlockerFootaction available in stores and online JD Sports, Finishline, Hibbett

Minor Retailers: KicksUSA, Ruvilla/DTLR, Jimmy Jazz, ShoePalace, ShoeCity

So far, these were the only local retailers that were confirmed; to get our numbers we’ll lean on Footlocker and Footaction’s data, see pictures below ( by the way Champs will not be receiving any inventory)

air jordan 1 shattered backboard 3.0 555088-028 Footlocker release map

Footlocker release map– Based on the map above an average of 135 stores will be allocated an inventory ( launch reservation)

air jordan 1 shattered backboard 3.0 555088-028 Footaction release map
Footaction– 65 stores allocated, procedure ( launch reservation)

As you can see  from the images above, the number of physical stores allocated from both entities is lower than usual. There is a total of 895 operating FTL stores and only 135 were allocated ( that’s about 15.1%); there is an average of 262 FTA stores and 65 were given an inventory ( that’s about 24.8%). And the launch procedure for all the stores will be the “reservation app”, hence the shoe will be extremely limtied. Now let’s create our assumptions,

-Footlocker, Footaction  will receive about 1/4 of the entire US inventory

-FTL & FTA online will receive about a 1/4 of the inventory the physical stores are getting

-Each physical location will receive an average of 24 pairs ( I know that some stores may receive close to 70 pairs but those are rare cases) so we’ll stick to 24 pairs.


FTL+ FTA ( physical stores allocation)= (135 x 12)+ (65 x 24)= 4800

FTL + FTA( online allocation)= 4800 x (1/4)=1200

Total for Footlocker & Footaction online and in store=4800 +1200=6000 pairs

and US inventory Total=6000 x 4=24000 pairs

And it’s safe to say that the Grand Total would be 24,000 x 2=48000 pairs( I’m assuming that the rest of the world will get just as many pairs as North America’s total)


I was going to lean on eBay and Stockx’s data to get an idea of the market value but I chose to not include eBay this time because of the amount fakes currently circulating on there, I wrote a post about that see link below

eBay Continues To Ignore Openly Fake Sneakers, The Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0

So that leaves me with StockX’s only so let’s see how much the sneaker is currently selling for,

air jordan 1 shattered backboard 3.0 555088-028 market value

The average sale price is in the low $400’s for a 133.8% mark up, at this point you can draw your own conclusion about the profit associated with buying and selling this shoe. Obviously the smaller sizes ( sz8-10) will bring in  the maximum profit possible ( zero in on the red squares on the left).

The Air Jordan 1 Shattered backboard 3.0 is certainly going to be hard to come about and the shoe will continue to gain in value as time progresses. It’s without a doubt a great short term and long term investment for those looking to capitalize on it.


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