Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100 |How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Market Value

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100 how many pairs made market value

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The Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani will officially land on November the 15th. the only information about the inspiration behind this model was posted on Nike’s website,

“If you knew what you had was rare, you would never waste it.” This is one of several inspirational messages hidden throughout Los Angeles based designer Melody Ehsani’s take on the Air Jordan I Mid. Raised in a traditional Persian family, Ehsani manifests her message of female empowerment and self-expression into her vision for the AJI. Making the entire silhouette her own, a decorative gold watch makes for an ideal dubrae, and each quote is hand-lettered.

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The sneaker is of course limited and will be targeted by folks looking to make cash home runs out of it. Production numbers are looking really scarce and traditional retailers seem to have been completely ignored in with this Release, see picture below

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100 footaction release map

The only member of Footlocker’s family that will be carrying the Jordan 1 Melody Ehsani comes November the 15th is Footaction; and pr my quick investigation only one location in Chicago was given an inventory. Nike totally went the boutiques’route and it makes perfect sense because they tend to be associated with the element of exclusivity. I wrote a post last year about it, see link below

Nike Is Going The Costco Route And It Makes Perfect Sense

Collecting data to give you an accurate estimate of the number of units that could’ve been produced was a very difficult task. As I was going through the marquee boutiques that could be considered, I noticed that there was a lack of details as far as their respective release calendar were concerned. So I utilized a process of deduction; for instance Wish ATL, Social Status, Bows& Arrows were given the Air Jordan 1 Mid Blue The Great, a very limited sneaker as well, so I concluded that they would also carry the Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani.

So beside Nike, the only USA boutiques/retailers that could be considered for an allocation were:

Wish ATL, Social Status, Sneaker Politics, Extra Butter NY, Capsule , Footaction ( retailer)and Melody’sown website

Now how do we set up our assumptions? The only I can do is assign a total of 100 pairs per boutique, 250 pairs to Melody’s own shop, 250 pairs to Footaction. And we’ll also assume that Nike will get about 3 times as much as the total of every other store.

Computing our numbers:

Numbers from boutiques/retail= (5 x100) + ( 250 x 2)=1000 pairs

Nike’s numbers= 1000 x 3= 3000

Total number of pairs produced for North America based on our assumptions= 3000+1000= 4000 pairs

PS: I know I’m really standing on shaky grounds here so take everything with a grain of salt. There isn’t that much data available  to work with.

Market Value/ Should You By To Flip?

eBay currently has no listings of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani  and no recorded sales to work with. I checked on Kixify and this is what I came up with, see picture below

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100 kixify records

The platform recorded only 2 sales from only one listing ( which confirms the scarcity aspect of the shoe). The average sale value on Kixify is $979.99, that’s a 610.14% mark up ( since the shoe retails for $130 before tax).

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100 stockx records

Stockx on the other hand recorded 69 sales at a $471 average sale price for a 307.7% mar up.

Needless to say the Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani will be extremely hard to get and I’m sure that most folks grabbing a pair are looking to capitalize on it. The best marketplace to sell it on at this point is Kixify since the profit margin is almost double the one on StockX. There isn’t much I want to add to this post, so good luck grabbing a pair.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100



Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100

Air Jordan 1 Mid Melody Ehsani CQ7629-100




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