Air Jordan 1 High OG Volt Gold 555088-118, Where To Buy, How Many Pairs Made & Resell

Air Jordan 1 High OG Volt Gold 555088-118, Where To Buy, How Many Pairs Made & Resell
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The Air Jordan 1 High OG Volt Gold is scheduled to release on January the 9th and retails for $170.  The shoe features a white leather upper, highlighted by black and mustard yellow leather overlays. Additional details include a touch of volt on the heel strap, a translucent tag sewn backwards on the tongue, and an off-white  the sole that completes the look of the shoe. Today we’ll try to figure out how many pairs of this model could be released and its resale value. First let’s get a quick count of the major and minor retailers that would be given an inventory in addition to Nike.

Major Retailers:  Footaction, Footlocker, Champs– available in stores and online. Eastbay ( online only)FinishlineJD SportsHibbett/Citygear

Minor Retailers: DTLR, Shoecity, Shiekh, Jimmy Jazz, ShoePalace, Snipes

These are pretty much most of the US retailers that were confirmed. Now let’s set up our assumptions

We’ll go with the following:

  1. FTL, FTA & Champs will receive 40% of the total inventory
  2. The remaining major & minor retailers will receive the remaining 40% and Nike gets the other 20%
  3. Only 1/3 FTL, FTA and Champs stores will be allocated, that is 34 FTL stores,  92 FTA and 183 Champs
  4. We also need to add that all HOH ( House of Hoops will receive the shoe), that is 170 HOH’s

We’ll also add the  following assumptions:

  1. Each HOH will receive about 48 pairs, while FTL gets 18, FTA and Champs will be assigned 12 pairs per store
  2. FTL and Champs online stores will receive about a 2/3 of the total the physical stores are receiving, and for FTA we’ll say 1/2
  3. Eastbay will also receive another 1/4 from the total FTL, FTA and Champs online are receiving.

Running The Numbers:

FTL= 264x 18= 2952

HOH = 170 x48=8160 pairs

FTA Physical stores=92×12= 1104 pairs

Champs Physical stores= 183x 12=2196 pairs

Online allocation ( FTL + FTA + Champs)= (2952+ 8160+2196) x (2/3)+ (1104)/2=9424 pairs

Eastbay= 9424/4=2356 pairs

Total from FTL, FTA, Champs and Eastbay = (( 2952+ 8160+1104+2196+(9424)+(2356)) pairs =26192  pairs and I’ll take stretch this number up to 30,000 pairs

We established that this number represented about 40% of North America’s total production hence

Total production for the USA is = 30,000 x3=90,000 pairs

And for the overall global production of the Jordan 1 Volt Gold, we’ll assume that 90,000 pairs < Total production < 200,000 pairs

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Now let’s talk about the resale value of the Volt Gold Air Jordan 1

air jordan 1 high volt gold resale value vs time

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the average resale value of the Jordan 1 Volt by day since December the 19th. You can clearly see that for the first 5 days, the value stayed pretty constant in the $350’s; then it started to decrease by day 6 (December the 24th). It has now stabilized and will probably remain in the low $300’s until its release date and might decrease by 5% right after it releases. But expect this value to climb back up by the end of January and we can infer that the shoe will most likely sell for anywhere between ($300 and $330) depending on the size acquired. Now let’s take a look at the resale value by size.

air jordan 1 high volt gold resale value vs size

Sizes highlighted in gold are the ones with the highest returns ( size 8, 9.5 and 13). All the other sizes are pretty much consistent with our initial projected resale value ($300, $330) except the size 12, 12, with the lowest recorded revenue at $269. I’m actually surprised that the size 13 went that high because usually on the Jordan 1 highs , smaller sizes are the ones with the highest returns. Maybe it’s because this is too early but I can definitely say that the resale value will probably sit within the ($300-$330) range. What can you expect as far profits? The shoe retails for $182 after tax so profit margins will fall within the ($90-$110) for mark ups within the (50%-65%).

Product Information/ Where to Buy

Air Jordan 1  High OG Volt Gold

  • Price:$170
  • Release Date: 2021-01-09
  • Style Code:555088-118
  • Color:White / Volt / University Gold / Black

You can buy it from the retailers in the major and minor retailers provided  above or preorder it from our SHOP, see details below

buy Air Jordan 1 High Volt Gold 1


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