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56% Of The Clot Air Jordan 5 Low Are Reselling For Retail Or Below, Great News For Sneakerheads

Clot air jordan 5 low release date and resale
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The  CLOT Air Jordan 5  Low is the latest product of the CLOT x Jordan Brand collaboration. Building upon the success of their previous products, the new sneaker takes inspiration from Chinese culture while still incorporating recognizable Jordan Brand elements. The shoe takes its cues from Edison Chen’s unique perspective, fusing together eastern and western influences to create a one-of-a-kind sneaker. The upper is crafted from textile, with red laces and jade green rings providing a pop of color. The Jumpman is stamped at the tongue, heel and insole, paying homage to the iconic silhouette. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Clot Air Jordan 5 Low

  • Price:$200
  • Release Date: 2022-05-20
  • Style Code: DM4640-036
  • Color: Black / Classic Jade / Fire Red / Metallic Silver


Buy it now on eBay, CLICK HERE

Buy it now via StockX, CLICK HERE

Jordan 5 Clot Resale Value

lot air jordan 5 low resale vs time

The chart above gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since May 15, 2022. The shoe went from $226 to $219, with a slightly negative trend. The resale value went down by roughly $1.69 every day. The current value is $219, and it is likely to remain in the low $200’s.

Minimum: 163
Quartile Q1: 200
Median: 210
Quartile Q3: 225.75
Maximum: 300

The five number summary reveals some very interesting things. The lowest the shoe sold for is $163 ( on a size 7.5) , while the highest sale was $300 (on a size 14). 56% of the sold for $163 to 212 ( basically retail or less), that’s great news. And sizes in that category are ( 7.5 to 10.5). 50% of the shoes sold for prices between $200 and $225.75, and another 25% sold for prices from $226 to $300. There were some outliers

Set of outliers: {268, 270, 270, 283, 288, 294, 300} corresponding to sizes 12, 11.5 and 14. And those outliers lead to profit margins between +$32 and +$61, and mark ups from 15% and 28.8%. The overall average sale price without the irregular values ( outliers) is $211, one dollar below retail, leading to a loss of -$20.

Clot air jordan 5 low resale vs size


If you’re a reseller, common sense says stay away from this shoe. However this is incredibly great news for sneaker heads and collectors alike. You’ll be able to get a pair for retail and below.

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