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This White & Black UA Nike Dunk Low Actually Has A Panda Graphic On It

nike dunk low panda ua
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Replica companies and customizers are always coming up with new ways to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s replicating the latest trends or finding new ways to personalize existing products, these two are always finding new ways to stay relevant. And while there may be some competition between replica companies and customizers, they both share one essential quality: creativity. By being able to adapt to the ever-changing market, counterfeiters and customizers are able to maintain a steady stream of customers. When it comes to sneakers, the replica industry has done an incredible job of creating gems like this White & Black UA Nike Dunk Low Panda I stumbled upon this morning. Nike has found a lot of success with selling the Dunk low panda edition. The brand has restocked this style nth times and each time, it has sold out. Nike fans are rabid for this shoe and will pay almost anything to get their hands on a pair. The secondary market for these pandas is booming, with people flipping them for mark up up to 80%  over retail. Nike knows that they have a hot commodity on their hands and they are milking it for all it’s worth. It’s a smart business move, and the swoosh brand isn’t the only one that has understood this. Counterfeiters always want part of the action, so in order to win, they have to be even more creative.

Utilizing The Edit To Amplify Concept

Even though Nike started the edit to amplify campaign, the replica industry has benefited more than the brand. The results are right in front of us; they have been creating sneakers that leave the consumer breathless. They’ve realized that the customer is king, and the best thing to do is give him/her what he/she wants. You’ll notice that many of the shoes being replicated aren’t even legitimate colorways.

Counterfeiters have basically gone a step further and studied the market to see what concepts sell. Off-White sneakers, for example, are still in high demand. The UA (Unauthorized Authentic) Dunk Low Panda that I found has all of the Off-White elements. On the midsole is a Panda text in quotation marks. The cherry on top is a small graphic of Panda directly above the text. And I can guarantee you that they’ve already sold an astronomical number of units. See, when it comes to sneaker culture, replica companies are all ears. They listen to what the community has to say about the latest trends and design their shoes accordingly.

Images Of The UA Nike Dunk Low Panda

nike dunk low panda ua 4 nike dunk low panda ua back nike dunk low panda ua 42 nike dunk low panda ua

To match the concept, they even created a special box with panda graphics on it. Using high-quality materials is another thing they’ve done to sell their replicas. Now, I’m not here to promote these sneakers, as a matter of fact, a major portion of my website is dedicated to teaching you how to authenticate your shoes. However I can’t deny that this new breed of fakes are very enticing, and there’s a reason why they called option B sneakers. Would you buy these? Leave your comments below.

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