How To Spot The Fake Air Jordan 5 Oregon? eBay Is Already Polluted With Fakes

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 3
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The Fake Air Jordan 5 Oregon has been out for months and the replica industry has actually already upgraded the early batch. I don’t have an authentic pair on hands for a side by side comparison but there are obvious things I’ve spotted that can help you avoid the fakes. The goal of this post is prevention, I’ve noticed that on most Jordan 5’s , the flaws are usually similar. Here are quick ways to spot the fake air jordan 5 oregon

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 3

On most fake jordan 5’s I’ve come across, the spacing between the screen of the air chamber and the edge of the midsole is usually very small in contrast to the spacing on the authentic pair ( see yellow lines above).

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 1

The suggested retail price of the Jordan 5 Oregon is $225. The fake pair’s label suggests a $200 retail price, moreover the color code of the shoe is “Apple Green”. The fake label above says “Duck Green”. I’ve attached a picture of the authentic label in the image below


real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 4

The double lines contouring the jumpman are subtle on the authentic pair but very vivid on the fake one. Also, the tongue of the fake pair appears shorter.

So far these are the only flaws I’ve noticed and I’m sure these are sufficient to help you make a safer purchase online. eBay is already polluted with fake pairs, the seller in the listing below is carrying fakes.

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 5

This seller wants $375 for the shoe and unsuspecting buyers wouldn’t know that this is a fake pair. The shoe looks great but if you look closely at the box label, you’ll see that if fits the criteria for the replica pair, see image below

real vs fake air jordan 5 oregon 6

The color code is wrong, and the retail price is supposed to be $225 not $200.

There you have it folks, I hope you’ll be able to use these tips to spot the Fake air Jordan 5 oregon.

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