Here Is What The Deconstructed Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt Looks Like

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I came across an interesting site that takes the time to completely dissect shoes in order to reveal their main components. Today, the shoe of interest is the all black  Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt. The Ndestrukt was Dennis Roman’s signature shoes, and the very first Nike basketball sneaker with an asymmetrical lacing system. They are very durable but my only gripe with them might be the subpar ventilation system; the only air circulation one gets out of these shoes is from the 4 or  5 holes on the toe box. Here is a thorough look at the shoe courtesy of Fastpass.

images via FASTPASS

Uppers and midsole with padded insole
Nylon strap for an adjustable fit
this is an inside look at the material that covers the bridge area; you can also see the perforations
Closer look at the perforations

you can buy them on sale now on eBay for as low as $99, see listings below

tayib salami
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