These Canvas Art Shoes By YaelYael Are Definitely Worth Checking Out

Yaelyael canvas art shoes 1
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If you’re familiar with this platform, you’re aware that I’m constantly on the lookout for incredible work, and I recently came across some Canvas Art shoes that I thought I’d share with you. They were custom made by YaelYael. Art. Yael is an artist from  Israel who specializes in abstract paintings, primarily on canvas. Her work represents some of the defining moments in her upbringing as well as societal injustices, and it is an extension and expression of who she is. One of the recurring themes in her art is the concept of freedom, being able to explore different possibilities without restraint. I agree with the concept of freedom as long as it is within the confine of us as humans not reaching and trying to be demi-gods. There is a difference between freedom and autonomy, freedom isn’t autonomous, but it is the state in which one can express his/her God given abilities, and I believe it is within this frame of mind that Yael produces her amazing pieces.

Yaelyael canvas art shoes

The image above was taken from her website, it features abstract graphics in a myriad of colors on their uppers with contrasting white colors on the toe area and midsole. She has a ton of other amazing shoes, you can check them out via YaelYael.Art.

Yaelyael canvas art shoes 1

Other items she carries in her store include gorgeous women’s capri leggings and Sport bra’s, as you will see in the picture below

Yaelyael capri leggings

Yaelyael sport bra


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