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Vans Sk8 Hi Pro BMX

A couple of days ago while in my local mall, I made a conscious effort to skip stores like Footlocker and went to a skate shop that doesn’t have the Nike brand as the most represented one in terms of shoes displayed on its shelves. I’m glad I made that decision because I came across the Vans Sk8 Hi Pro BMX 79, borthed out of a joint work between Vans and BMX; both companies have been collaborating for 40 years and this new model was created to celebrate their long term relationship. The shoe is primarily built with premium suede leather materials with touches ofRead More →

Vans Old Skool OTW Juxtapoze Pack VN0A4BV5T9E

I wanted to turn things around a bit for the rest of the week; I’ve recognized that just like every other sneaker related website, my platform has turned into a Nike machine and I’m going to make a conscious effort to be a bit more balanced with what I showcase on Housakicks. Yesterday while strolling through my local mall, I was drawn to a pair of Vans, the Vans Old Skool OTW  Juxtapoze that is. The shoe reminded me of the What The Dunk Nike SB as it featured a collage of familiar Vans patterns and colorways. It’s built with a mixture of suede andRead More →

I picked up a pair of the Vans old Skool crazy Checks Multi a couple of days ago and was really amazed with the quality of the materials and overall look of the shoe. It is built with a combination of hairy suede leather and canvas and features a myriad of colors hence the nickname “crazy”. See video for details   You can buy it now on eBay from our featured sellers, see listings belowRead More →

I was driving my son back from football practice and gave my business partner Chris from ARCH a call to discuss the activities of the day. I told him about the David Bowie Vans I picked up and the circumstances that led me to actually purchase the shoe. In typical Chris’s fashion, he said did you videotape the whole event? Man since you didn’t record it, you have to write a post about that on the site because that’s exactly what we’ve been talking about Hence why i’m writing this post this morning and will keep it very short because of the redundancy of theRead More →

I picked up a  pair of the Disney Vans Authentic Mickey Mouse earlier this morning and though I’m not a big Mickey mouse fan I do have to say that the shoes do embody his character, here is a quick look at them. PRODUCT INFORMATION Disney Vans Authentic Mickey Mouse Red Color: red/black -gold BUY IT NOW VIA HOUSAKICKS SHOP-CLICK HERERead More →

I was picking up a pair of Champion Slides today and happened to stumble upon a pair of the Vans Old Skool Yacht Club. They originally dropped in the month of January and certain stores in the mall had a restock a few weeks ago. The shoes were definitely made for the Summer as you can see the myriad of colors they are dressed in, watch video below for more details PRODUCT INFORMATION Vans Old Skool Yacht Club Style#VN0A38G1R1Q Buy A size 5 on our SHOP NOW -CLICK HERERead More →

I went to my local mall earlier this morning to pick up a pair of NMD’s and I happened to walk by the Vans’s store and saw the Vans X A Tribe Called Quest Collection. I wasn’t planning on picking up any of the pairs but 2 silhouettes and the slides caught my attention. To my shame, I adit that I bought them impulsively but I do not regret my decision. Here is a closer look at the Vans Sk8 hi, Old Skool & Slide ATCQ. PRODUCT INFORMATION Vans Sk8 Hi ATCQ Style# VN0A38GER31 Buy size 11 now via HOUSAKICKS SHOP CLICK HERE Vans Old SkoolRead More →

Vans is also joining all other brands in recapturing the essence of the 90’s. Their latest collection , the Vans X A Tribe Called Quest ATCQ Pack is a tribute to the iconic to the group with each shoe embodying elements of the golden era of Hip Hop. Vans old skool A Tribe Called Quest ATCQ Style#Va38g1q4b $85, 4/6/18 PURCHASE LINK-SNS LIVE NOW Vans Era X ATCQ Style#Va38frq6y, $79 4/6/18 PURCHASE LINK-SNS LIVE NOW, CLICK HERE Vans Classic Slip- On X ATCQ Style#Va38f7q4b, $75 PURCHASE LINK-SNS LIVE NOW, CLICK HERE Vans Authentic X ATCQ Tracklist/True White Style#Va38emq8h, $75 PURCHASE LINK-SNS LIVE NOW-CLICK HERE Vans MN Slide-OnRead More →

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