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Running shoes

Running Equipment That Accelerates Performance

No matter if you are a novice runner or if you are a pro athlete, having the essential and quality equipment is vital. Obviously, a good pair of running shoes is a must, but they will only help you go distances. If you want to train hard, improve your stamina, get higher results, and simply accelerate your performance, you need to get the running equipment that will enable you to do that, and more. There are a few things to consider when getting the right gear that will boost your efficiency, and here is the list that will get you covered. Running socks If youRead More →

Adidas Alphaedge 4D Cloud White EF3454

The Adidas Alphaedge 4D Cloud White is available for purchase now, refer to the details below RELEASE INFORMATION Adidas Alphaedge 4D STYLE#EF3454, $300, 5/31/2019 Regular fit adidas Primeknit textile upper Continental™ Rubber outsole for extraordinary traction in wet and dry conditions adidas 4D midsole Hugs the foot Buy It Now via FOOTLOCKER- CLICK HERE You can also purchase them on eBay from our featured sellers in the listings below    Read More →

The 2014 Air Max 90 Moon Landing was an instant classic before it even dropped and this upcoming AM 90 Mars Landing screams just as much comeliness. You can read the “behind the design “story via Nike News-Click here. According to Nike, the pattern endured several rounds of trial and error, and to get it right the team went through archived images of Mars. The outsole pattern and reflective details take inspiration from the famous rover that trekked across the planet, and metallic silver tongue tabs solidify the space-themed aesthetic. I was critical of Nike last week for the lack of checks and balances whenRead More →

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago warning you about the fake pairs of the Adidas 4D Futurecraft, it’d be wise to check the link below. Fake Adidas FutureCraft 4D Spotted- Another giant Leap Of Faith For Bootleggers Adidas made a lot of noise when the NMD runner was introduced but towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the once coveted NMDs reached their plateau and have since been on the decline. Several new iterations have been introduced but I don’t think folks care that much to fork out $150+ on a shoe if they can find the same silhouetteRead More →

Because Nike dominates  most shoe related news, a lot of great sneakers get overshadowed. One of those was the NB 990 survival pack; it’s probably the most practical and functional shoe I’ve ever come across. It cost $180, was built with premium quality materials came loaded with so many accessories ( which definitely justify the price). Meanwhile brands like Adidas and Nike sell their consumers overpriced sneakers made up of inferior materials, that says a lot-most consumers’s purchases are based on hype. I’m going off topic so I have to remember why I was writing this post. While in my local mall, I came acrossRead More →

Every time I head over my local mall, I come across sneakers that I’ve yet to see online. I know I’ve been saying that the NMDs are now lifeless but there are little things Adidas can do to breathe in some life into them again. These Kids Adidas NMD Olive Camo are exactly an example of that, the added “NMD” phrase on the back of the boost midsole added more taste to the shoe. I wish the shoes were available in men’s sizes , I would’ve pulled the trigger right away. I think Adidas is experimenting some new things with the NMD and that’s a goodRead More →

I picked up a pair of the Air Max 1 JDI last week and was very impressed with the overall quality and design of the shoe. Well,  Nike has more arrows in its quiver, up next is the Nike Air Max 1 PRM Desert Camo, officially releasing on July the 5th. The shoes obviously feature a camouflage upper inspired by military uniforms and are built with premium  materials. They’ll bear the customary swoosh logo in black on each side and are completed with a gum outsole. They are available now on eBay from retail for those who are interested, refer to the listings below. RELEASE INFORMATIONRead More →

I picked up a pair of the Nike Air Max 1 JDI Just Do It yesterday and was truly impressed with the aesthetic the quality of the sneakers; prevalent in the sneaker game now are the 90’s and the free spirit concept. A lot of brands have leaned on these two when it comes to designing their shoes and the result can be either catastrophic or amazing like the JDI Am1; here is a closer look at the shoes you can buy it now buy visiting the link below Available Now Nike Air Max 1 LX JDI Just Do It 917691-800Read More →

The Three Stripes definitely scored big with these Adidas Speedfactory AM4NHL Washington Capitals. Nike has literally dominated sneaker related news with every  weekly release  leaving Adidas with no breathing room at all. The Capitals’s victory yesterday was much needed not only for DC Natives but also for Adidas because the Capitals will be trending for the next 72 hours and even longer. It’s the perfect opportunity for Adidas to gain a little bit of momentum not only with sneakers but also with celebration gears in honor of the Capitals, they’ll definitely fly off shelves. Adidas can create all sort of narratives with this victory; for thoseRead More →

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