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Real VS Fake Sneakers (Page 9)

The Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 will make its official debut in exactly 5 days from today. I wrote several posts a few days ago alluding to the fact that Jordan Brand has produced several pairs of the model, and that folks shouldn’t be worried about securing a pair.  Yesterday I received a call from DTLR telling me that I had won a raffle for a size 12, which happens to be a hard size to find- this just confirms my earlier assertion about the shoes being mass produced. But today I want to quickly show you ways to avoid the fake pairs that areRead More →

  Housakicks is part of the AHN Network made up of 4 independent websites operated by a group of sneaker enthusiasts who create content that deliver more value to the sneaker community. We maintain the Network with our own financial resources. If you like what you read and see here, consider supporting the site.Your help is very much appreciated     I’ve done a lot of comparisons between fake and authentic sneakers over the last couple of years, and I just realized that I never put together a comprehensive list of all the posts I created. So to help you guys make better decision priorRead More →

A Photoshop version of the off white Nike Air More Uptempo sent everyone into a frenzy a couple of weeks ago. During my routine scouting I️ came across a taobao seller who actually made this dream a reality. But as you all know the shoes are not legitimate yet I’m amazed at the speed at which these were manufactured. It seems like the replica industry has infiltrated every sneaker community there is on planet earth. How else could they have come up with this prototype this quick? What surprises me is the material they use on these replicas. The shoes look darn good and could easilyRead More →

I️ thought I️ was doing a phenomenal job with the real vs fake comparisons until I️ got reprimanded by one of my regular readers, Steve Joseph. This is what he said to me a few days ago, Too many obvious flaws on this 1 or 2nd gen pair. Look out for the 3rd or 4th. By the 4th they would be 98.9% identical. Buying 1st or 2nd gen fakes is like updating the OS on your phone. You always update when the patches and point something version comes out. Not the original release. It’s buggy, problematic and full of obvious flaws. And he is absolutelyRead More →

I nearly got mugged today in the mall while picking up a pair of the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga 2.0. I’ll leave that story for another day; I picked up a couple of pairs today and wanted to quickly help you with detecting the fakes that already flooding several marketplaces. Both pairs are in men’s size 8; I purposely did that to avoid any confusion. I will not talk about the difference in colors due to the lighting. So I’ll focus on nuances on the shoes. Look at the spacing between the “S” and the pull tab ( the gap is smaller on the fake).Read More →

you’ve probably heard my Air Jordan 3 mocha story several times; for those who haven’t I bought them for $79.99 in 2003 from Lakeforest Champs store in montgomery county. The Mocha 3 is making a comeback this year, and I shared a post about it a while back, see link below. But today I just wanted to warn you, and let you know that fake pairs are already in the market, and they look good, so don’t be deceived. I don’t have an authentic pair to do a comparison so i’ll just give you some quick pointers to identify them. The Air Jordan 3 MochaRead More →

The Fake Air Jordan 12 XII Doernbecher is already out, and I’ve spotted an eBay seller with them. He only has one feedback so it won’t be hard for anyone to figure out who he/she is. Here are quick ways to identify the replicas. By the way I’m using the official pictures released by Nike so make sure you do your homework, this is just to put you on the right track. Some may argue that the difference in the colors is due to the lighting but i don’t think so. You can clearly see that pink shade on the authentic pair is vibrant/bold; butRead More →

The Complexcon event geared toward  bringing together pop culture, art, food,style, sports, music, and more took place last week and was epic. During the event, a pair of Jordan retro, the Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3 aka Complexcon was officially unveiled and became an internet sensation. Yesterday during one of my Sherlock Holmes odyssey, I came across a fake pair of the Complexcon AJ1; I was really surprised on how fast these were manufactured considering the fact that the shoes only made public news a week ago. This shows you how prolific the replica industry is. Anyway I don’t have neither the authentic nor theRead More →

From the very first time Jordan Brand announced that the Air Jordan 13 Olive was projected for 2018, I was already on the bandwagon, and I still am. The colorway is just breathtaking; the initial pictures of the shoes indicated that the uppers were  tumbled and suede leather built but yesterday, many sneaker blogs released newer pictures of the shoes that happened to show an all suede leather upper. Now here is the problem: are the shoes they are showing confirmed official pictures from legitimate sources of Jordan Brand? And here is why I’m making this assertion. I found a site known for carrying fakesRead More →

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