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Ewing Athletics is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ‘90s cult classic Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with a unique capsule collection. Designed by customizer extraordinaire Mache, whose signature appears on the quarter, this latest Ewing 33 HI flaunts a colorful pattern inspired by the Hawaiian shirts Ace Ventura wears throughout the film.   “I’ve definitely wanted to make an Ace shoe for years now,” says Mache. “Being a person who grew up in the ‘90s, Ace was a classic comedy woven into our memories.” Transformed into a Dolphins colorway, this Ewing 33 HI will launch alongside a matching jacket and shorts.   To celebrate this release, Ewing Athletics willRead More →

Ewing Athletics has partnered with Death Row Records, the world’s most dangerous record label, to create the label’s first official sneaker collaboration.   Founded in 1991, producer Suge Knight brought some of the rap game’s best artists under one roof to personify the danger and allure of ’90s west coast street culture through music. Instrumental in reshaping American youth culture and popularizing gangsta rap, Death Row Records stunned fans with 11 platinum albums and over 50 million albums sold worldwide.   Now, Death Row Records has been immortalized on one of the most iconic sneakers of the ‘90s: Patrick Ewing’s 33 HI. Fans will beRead More →

  I was cogitating on some of the things I wanted to work on next week on my site when I received an email from my partner Chris about a pair of Ewing with very interesting features. Obviously was birthed out of a joint work between EA and Grillo’s Pickles as you can see on the title of the post. For the story behind the shoe, refer to the PR below Founder of Grillo’s PicklesTravis Grillo started selling two spears for $1 out of a hand-built wooden pickle cart on the streets of Boston 10 years ago (after getting denied a job at Nike).Read More →

The Summer was way too short for me to say the least; it came and went by so fast and we are already deep into the Fall season and everything it brings- leaves covering the entire backyard, unpredictable cold or warm days and new kicks of course. Every season has an appropriate set of kicks to rock and I think the Ewing sneakers are just perfect for this season and the upcoming cold weathers. Here is a quick look at the Ewing 33 Mid & Hi September Collection. Ewing 33 HI X 8&9 Brand Cormega The shoes were birthed out of a joint work withRead More →

Patrick Ewing made national news when he became the official Head Coach of the Georgetown Men’s Basketball team on April 5.  It’s in Georgetown University where Ewing also made a name for himself, becoming one of the very first college players s to start and star on the varsity team. Ewing became the face of the Knicks franchise after his college years and also had his own signature sneakers named after him. Several models of the Ewing’s sneakers have been released over the past 20 years and today I bring you the Ewing 33 Mid Jamaica. They were inspired by Ewing’s Jamaican roots ( he wasRead More →

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