Where To Buy The Women’s Nike Dunk Low White Black & Resale Value

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Are you on the hunt for the Women’s Nike Dunk Low White Black? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll get another crack at them again tomorrow. With superior craftsmanship and a focus on aesthetic and comfort, Nike Dunk Low sneakers are perfect for anyone looking for an elevated shoe experience. The premium leather overlays create a snug and comfortable fit, while the cushioned midsole provides ample support. Plus, the perforated toe box allows your feet to breathe, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all day long. And finally, the iconic swoosh logo on both lateral and medial sides completes this must-have style. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Women’s Nike Dunk Low White Black Release Information

  • Price:$100
  • Release Date: 2022-4/04
  • Style Code: DD1503 101
  • Color: White / Black / White


Nike UK, Nike FR, Nike IT, Nike GER, Nike CA

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Now let’s see how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces.

Resale Value

women's nike dunk low white black resale value vs time

The chart above gives you a lot of insightful data. The overall average sale price is $247.08 but the current resale value is $255. This is definitely a very good shoe to invest it. The sell through rate is 46.08%, that is excellent. A sell through rate above 40% is considered great. Now let’s get the five number summary for more clarity.

Minimum: $218
Quartile Q1: $250
Median: $257
Quartile Q3: $268
Maximum: $305

25% of the shoes sold for prices from $218 to $250, 50% of the shoes sold for values from $250 to $268 and another 25$ sold for prices from $268 to $305. To make the maximum profit, you certainly want to aim for the top 25%. So let me provide you with a breakdown of the sizes with the best margins.

women's nike dunk low white black resale value by size

For those who are interested in investing in this shoe for the long-term option, I have an equation that can help you determine the price as time progresses.

Resale=$0.33 (t)+ $235.68

The shoe is basically increasing by $0.33 every day. So to predict how much it will be worth in about 6 months ( 180 days), just replace the t by 180.

Resale value projected in 6 months= $0.33 ( 180)+ $235= $294.4

So by June the Wmns Nike Dunk low White Black will be worth about $300 and your projected profit is about $165. You can use the equation to project the value in a year ( 360 days), two years (720 days) and so forth. The shoe is definitely great both for the short -term and long-term options.


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