Where To Buy The Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low & Resale Value

Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low Release Date and Resale Value
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Nike continues to experiment with new iterations of the SB line, releasing tomorrow is the Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low. Here is what the brand had to say about this particular colorway,

Change can happen in an instant, and since 1937 Polaroid’s vision has transformed how we see the world. Driven to capture moments, the “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign has a special synergy with the creativity and curiosity that constantly challenges skateboarding and shapes its landscape.
The ‘Polaroid’ SB Dunk Low delivers on that promise vividly, with a technicolor treatment that brings new dimensions to the Dunk’s classic lines. Beginning with a striking tri-toned Swoosh, the ‘Polaroid’ SB Dunk Low mixes reflective-design materials, custom embroidery and a color-coded sockliner that focuses on imagination. Building on the design story, each pair comes with seven color-graded lace options, allowing you to choose your mode of expression.

If you plan on grabbing a pair tomorrow, refer to the purchase details below

Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low Release Information

  • Price:$110
  • Release Date: 2022-04-05
  • Style Code:DH7722-001
  • Color: Black / White / Multi Color


Nike US

Nike UK, Nike FR, Nike GER, Nike IT, Nike CA, Nike SP soldout

You can also purchase it on StockX , CLICK HERE

Resale Value

Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low Resale Vs Time

According to the chart above, the average sale price has been decreasing by roughly $11.6 every day since April 2,2022. The current resale value is about $227 and you can expect it to drop to $200 to $215 by the time the shoe releases officially. Let’s compute our five number summary for additional insights.

Minimum: 180
Quartile Q1: 210
Median: 220
Quartile Q3: 234
Maximum: 350

The lowest the shoe sold for thus far is $180 ( corresponding to a size 6.5 on April 4), while the highest sale recorded was $350 ( on a size 12.5, that’s not a very common size, so this is to be expected). 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $180 to $210 ( 3 size 7’s, 4 size 9’s, 10 size 10’s, a size 10.5,11, and 6.5). 50% sold for prices between $210 and $234 ( 2 size 7.5’s, 3 size 8’s, 3 size 8.5’s, 7 size 9’s, 10 size 9.5’s,9 size 10’s, 5 size 10.5’s,8 size 11’s,2 size 11.5’s, 3 size 12’s). Another 25% sold for prices from $234 to $350 ( 3 size 6’s, 2 size 11.5, 5 size 12’s, a size 12.5 and 13). Larger sizes are obviously leading to better margins. Without the outliers, the overall resale value computed is $220, leading to a profit margin of +$83, which is pretty good.

Polaroid Nike SB Dunk Low Resale Vs size

The current margins range from $71 to $213, with the most profitable sizes being 6,6.5, 12,12.5, 13, and 14. When the sneaker is released, existing earnings may decline by 5% to 15%, but they will quickly recover. Aside from the size 12.5 I don’t think the shoe will sell more than $300. So, if you’re looking for a long-term investment, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Great shoe for the short term investment option especially on sizes with the highest margins obviously.

SB Dunk Low Polaroid Review + On Foot

Video courtesy of Mr Entertainment

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