Where To Buy The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint & Resale Value

adidas yeezy 350 v2 blue tint where to buy and resale value
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The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint is set to release for the nth time on January the 22nd. The shoe retails for $230 and features the customary prime knit upper in grey with blue tint detailing. You can’t mention the Yeezy 350 without talking about what makes the shoe so comfortable- the boost cushioning. So if you missed out on the prior multiple restocks, here is your opportunity to grab a pair, refer to the purchase details below.

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint Release Information

  • Price:$230
  • Release Date: 2022-01-22 Restock Date (6/24/22)
  • Style Code:B37571
  • Color: Blue Tint / Grey Three / High Resolution Red


Adidas UK, Adidas FR

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Now let’s see how the shoe is performing on third party marketplaces

Resale Value

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue tint Resale Value Vs Time

The chart gives us a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since January 16,2022. The resale value has slightly decreased but that is to be expected. I will go as far as saying that it will drop down to $315 by the time the shoe officially releases. Let us use our five number summary for more insights.

Minimum: $252
Quartile Q1: $309.25
Median: $345
Quartile Q3: $375
Maximum: $527

25% of the shoes sold for prices between $252 and $309.25 while 50% sold for values from $309.25 to $375 and another 25% sold for prices from $375 to $527. You certainly want to aim for the top 25% if you’re looking to maximize your profits. Overall the shoe has an average sale price between $315 and $345, which will yield to profits between +$47 and +$74

But let’s take a look at a more thorough chart that gives us a breakdown of the projected profit per size sold.

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Blue tint Resale Value Vs size

You can pretty much see what sizes to aim for if you’re looking for maximum returns on your investment. Stay away from smaller sizes and target larger sizes, especially 9.5 and up.


adidas yeezy 350 v2 blue tint resale by size

As shown in the images above, earnings have decreased significantly since the last time we collected data. Because the shoe is constantly restocked, there is an abundance of supply, which has a direct impact on the shoe’s resale value. At this point, unless you order larger sizes (10.5 and up), you risk losing money. Remember that the MSRP has been raised by $10, further eroding the margins. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a pair unless you intend to sit on it for an extended period of time.



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