The Vans Rassvet First Ever Collaboration Is Out Now

Rassvet Vans Sk8 bold
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The Vans Rassvet collection is set to release in store on September the 23rd and will include two colorways of the Vans Sk8 bold and other apparels as well. Rassvet was created in 2016 by a tight-knit group of skaters led by Gosha Rubchinskiy, a multidisciplinary artist, and pro skater Tolia Titaev. PACCBET means “dawn” or “sunrise” in Russian, which perfectly reflects the brand’s position as the leading light of the Russian skate scene’s new wave. Through co-founder Gosha’s re-appropriation and re-engineering of daily skatewear classics, Rassvet has had a global impact by expressing the aesthetic, style, and visual language of the next generation of Russian skaters.

Vans’ new Skate Bold shoe is featured in two iconic colorways, each with modest sidewall patterns, Checkerboard insoles, and a gold sewn PACCBET branding on the tongue. PACCBET’s skate roots and fashion-forward direction are represented with gold stitching and debossed branding.

Rassvet Vans Sk8 bold Rassvet Vans JACKET Rassvet Vans Sk8 bold Rassvet Vans Sk8 bold


Vans Rassvet Release Information


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