UA Curry 5 Gold Edition Releases Today, Under Armour ‘s Bold Statement

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The UA Curry 5 gold edition is releasing today in two separate colorways, the white/gold and the black/gold. Under Armour is making a subtle bold statement with these two sneakers, they are basically delivering the 2018 NBA title to Chef Curry and his squad and rightfully so. The Warriors are the favorite going into this year’s final because they are loaded with four perennial All Stars that make up their famous “Death Line up”. I wrote about the negative impact of the Super Team concept a week ago , see link below

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The Warriors’s game last night and their last series with Houston showed that they aren’t unbeatable. It’s still a team that relies on volume triples to beat their opponent. One of the greatest assets of Golden States is their defense commanded by Draymond Green who is very vocal during each game. He sees each play as they unfold and is able to make quick adjustments to prevent the other team from getting easy buckets. Anyway this post was about the UA Curry 5 Gold and here I am talking only basketball. A friend of mine sent me the picture you see below and you can clearly see that Curry’s signature shoes came in last place.

Again this post was about the Curry 5 but I keep going off  on a rabbit trail. Like I said UA is making a very bold statement with these shoes but there has been literally no campaigns for it, at least not that I know of. On the other hand, Nike is doing a phenomenal job with Lebron James. He is actually the underdog going into this year’s final and Nike released a video yesterday paying tribute to his “Chosen 1” Tattoo. Under Armour has not done anything of the sort for the face of their basketball line, Steph Curry. But somehow the brand expects folks to just jump on the UA Curry 5 Gold edition. Unless they are limited, I don’t see them flying off shelves ( maybe in Dub City only) and that’s not a good look for the brand. For those interested in buying the shoes, see release details below


UA Curry 5 white/Gold

style#3020657-100, $130



UA Curry 5 black/gold

style#3020657-001, $130



I was checking to see how the shoes were doing on third party marketplaces and StockX shows no recorded sales at all. eBay on the other hand shows only one sale at $249 ( probably coming from a Warrior’s fan). This would have never been the case a few years ago with the Curry 1, and you know why? Because each shoe had a strong narrative behind it and Under Armour actually invested in several campaigns ( it also helps that Steph was still considered an underdog).

Under Armour UA Curry 5 Already? Why So Soon?

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