The Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Suns Is Certainly A Must Have, Here’s Where To Buy It + Resale Value

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The Phoenix Suns are on a tear right now with their 8th consecutive win over the Brooklyn Nets. They are the top seeded team in the Western Conference with a 38 and 9 record. So the Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Suns releasing in about 6 days shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Nike is a marketing machine, and the company has been following its Edit To Amplify strategy to the letter, giving customers exactly what they want. The 1990s have been popular for a long time, and Charles Barkley’s CB 94s are undoubtedly one of the most memorable shoes of that decade. The USA Olympic colorway of the CB 94 was the most recent release, and it is already sold out everywhere.

Decked out in a White, Varsity Purple, Black, and Total Orange color scheme, this updated version pays tribute to Barkley’s incredible career. The White leather upper is accented by Black detailing, with high-contrast Purple and Orange accents. #34 is embroidered on the lateral in tribute to his jersey number. If you’re interested in grabbing a pair, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Air Max2 CB 94 Suns 

  • Price:$160
  • Release Date: 2022-02-01
  • Style Code:DO5880-100
  • Color: White / Varsity Purple / Black / Total Orange


Nike ( 6/3)

Finishline ( see Release Calendar), JD Sports ( See Release Calendar), Hibbett

You can buy it now on eBay, CLICK HERE

The shoe is extremely limited and I can’t quite get my hands on the number units produced. So I will not attempt to create any types of projection on the stock numbers, but let’s see how the shoe is going to perform on third party marketplaces.

Resale Value

So far only two sales were recorded for a size 8.5 and 10.5, and they were respectively $438 and $400. Since the sample size is too small, we cannot make any types of confident assertions about the resale price, so we’ll have to incorporate more data. So I went ahead and checked out how much buyers were willing to pay for this shoe per size ( I only considered reasonable offers).

Nike Air Max2 CB94 Current bids Per Size

So the picture above gives you a breakdown of the prices folks are willing to pay for this shoe so far. We’ll pin it against sellers’ asking prices and draw some conclusions.

Nike Air Max2 CB94 Current Selling prices vs size

The first conclusion we may reach is that supply is limited. At this time, only sizes 9, 10, 11, and 12 are available for purchase. It confirms the shoe’s limited availability. However, limited availability does not automatically imply a high resale value. To get our average resale value, we’ll look for the average buyer’s offer and the average seller’s asking price, then use the data to compute the shoe’s anticipated Sale price.

Average Buyer’s offer= $192.36

Average Seller’s Asking Price=$423.25

Projected Resale Value= $307.80, but that’s not reasonable.

Most recent colorways of the CB 94 haven’t exceeded the $230 mark, so you can expect the shoe to peak at $230 or a little less.

The projected profit will be +$39 for a 23% mark up. That’s not too bad. You can expect values to reach the $280 mark within the next 12 months. So I’ll definitely recommend this colorway for the long term option.

Air Max CB 94  Suns: Review

Here are images of the Air Max2 CB94 courtesy of

Nike-Air-Max2-CB-94-Suns-DO5880-100-Release-Date 1 Nike-Air-Max2-CB-94-Suns-DO5880-100-Release-Date 1 Nike-Air-Max2-CB-94-Suns-DO5880-100-Release-Date 1 Nike-Air-Max2-CB-94-Suns-DO5880-100-Release-Date 1 Nike-Air-Max2-CB-94-Suns-DO5880-100-Release-Date 1

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