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The Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100 Is A Must Have

Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100

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Nike has a way of excessively using  some of the best silhouettes and concepts the brand has come up with; we’ve seen it happen countless times, recently with the Jordan 1 Mid and the What The SB Thomas Campbell just to name these two. One of the iconic shoe the sneaker community has been graced with is the Nike Air force 1. Nike has found a way to keep this shoe alive for over two decades; new colorways keep emerging , some with very shallow backstories and others with captivating arts and narratives.

The Nike Air Force 1″ What The LA” certainly caught my attention this morning when I saw its images. The shoe is simply beautiful and I’ll wait for Nike’s own Press Release to learn the inspiration behind it. I can tell you speculatively that the Edit To Amplify is in full effect  in this case. The “What The” theme started with the “Nike SB What The Dunk” and Nike has attempted to reintroduce the concept with several sneakers in the past. Thus far I think the best remake I’ve seen is this upcoming pair of Air force 1, let your eyes feast on the pictures below.

Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100 Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100 Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100 Nike Air Force 1 What The LA CT1117-100

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Nike Air Force 1 What The LA

Style#CT1117-100, $130





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