The New Balance 550 White And Grey Is Available Now +Resale Value

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Several days ago, many sneaker blogs shared information about the NB 550 in triple white being the hottest sneaker on the market now. No data was actually provided  back up the claims so I’ll leave it at that. Releasing on January 21, 2022 is the New Balance 550 White and Grey, retailing for $110. I’m assuming that if the triple white pair is really trending, then it makes sense to release another similar colorway. The shoes are made with a synthetic leather and mesh upper, which provides durability and breathability. Additionally, they have a rubber outsole that ensures traction and stability on all surfaces. For purchase purposes, see details below.

Where To Buy The New Balance 550 White And Grey 

  • Price:$110
  • Release Date: 2022-01-21
  • Style Code: B550PB1
  • Color: White / Grey / White


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Resale Value

New Balance 550 white and grey resale vs time


The chart gives you a breakdown of the average sale price since January 20,2022. The shoe is trending up and the current resale value is about $171. But that’s only a reflection of January 21, 2022. Even at this price, you can expect a profit margin of +$40, which is good. But let’s find our five number summary.

Minimum: $125
Quartile Q1: $144.25
Median: $160
Quartile Q3: $193
Maximum: $244

The lowest sale recorded was $125 and the highest was $244. That’s already a positive sign sine the lowest value is greater than the retail price. 25% of the shoe sold for prices from $125 to $144.25, 50% ( the majority) sold for values from $144.25 to $193 while another 25% sold for prices between $193 and $244. The overall average resale price of the shoe is $168, which yields to a profit of +$38. But there are several sizes you can aim for to maximize your profit, see chart below. Let’s also not forget that the sell through rate is about 31% which is decent.

New Balance 550 white and grey resale vs size

To maximize your profit, you definitely want to target sizes 7.5 and below. Overall this is a good shoe, and its resale price will continue to increase as time progresses. You can use the equation below to project what the price is going to be as time goes.

Resale Value= $0.11(t) + $169

The shoe has been gaining about $0.11 every day since October the 21, 2021. So you can use the equation to predict how much it will be worth in days, months and years to come. Replace the time (t) by the number of days elapsed since October the 21,2021.

Example: On January the 21st, 2022 ( 4 months or 120 days)

Resale Value projected= $0.11 (120)+ $169= $182.2


Be sure to watch the video below courtesy of Timothy Koh on Youtube. He shows you how to properly wear the sneaker.


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