The Market Value Of The Tinker Air Jordan 3 NRG Has Already Plummetted

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I wrote a post in the month of March attempting to determine the number of pairs of the Tinker Air Jordan 3 NRG made and came up with 3000 pairs. see link below. I think that number was not accurate; and the reason why I’m saying this is because the price of the shoes on third party marketplaces has substantially decreased. At the time I wrote the post, the shoe was reselling between $550 and $800 on eBay. I went back and checked the price today and was shocked with its current price ( $289-$350 click to check). Why did it drop? It’s the good old supply and demand theory. I’m realizing now that Nike is a bit unpredictable when it comes to the number of shoes they produce. For the Justin Tmberlake 3’s , 5200 pairs were made in keeping with SUPERBOWL LII (52). But for the Tinker 3, I have a series of options I’ll consider. Tinker Hatfield is 65 so Nike could’ve made 6500 pairs. But that is impossible based on the shoe’s current resale price. The next option is 30,000; the shoes are coming out on Monday April the 30th ( I don’t think Nike will release a very limited shoe on a Monday). So the verdict is 30,000.

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To do that I’m going to use the resale price in March ( March 24,$600 to be conservative) and the current resale price ( April 26, $300). So within 30 days , the shoes decrease by:

($600-300)/ (30)=$10

So the value of the shoes has dropped by $10 every day till now. I think it’ll probably go down to $280 until there is a model breakdown. So I’m assuming that the market value will stay constant at $280.


Tinker Air Jordan 3 NRG

Style#AQ3835-160, $200



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