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The Adidas Yeezy Runner 700 B75571 Is Available Now

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I wrote a post about Adidas bringing back the Yeezy Runner 700 a little too soon a few months ago, see link below

Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Making A Return | A Little Too Soon? The Implications

It’s actually a very smart move by Adidas to bring these back. Chunky soles are trending and brands like Fila are capitalizing  on it. This particular colorway of the Yeezy 700 had a substantial third party marketplace value especially in smaller sizes ( selling for as high as $1000). So I have no problem at all with Adidas bringing the shoe back this soon, trends are fleeting and I won’t be surprised if in a few months shoes with chunky soles begin to dissipate. For those interested in snatching a pair , check the release details below


Adidas Yeezy Runner 700

Style# B75571, color:solid grey/Chalk white/Core black, $299



For those that want to authenticate your pairs, visit the link below

Fake Adidas Yeezy Wave Runner 700 Are Out- Here Is How To Identify Them

You can also buy the shoes on eBay from the featured sellers in the listings below

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