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SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris | How Many Pairs Made & Market Value

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The SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris is officially releasing on Saturday May the 25th and I wanted to determine the number of pairs that Nike could’ve produced. Usually to come up with my estimate, I employ a very rigorous method i.e. counting up the number of FTL stores allocated an inventory and then leaning on a few assumptions. I won’t be doing that today since I have established a linear equation for shoes with similar pattern. The Air Jordan 1 Crimson released about a month ago and the SB Jordan 1 NYC To Paris seems to be patterned after the Crimson’s, so I will be using my linear model for this projection.

The equation was : Number of pairs =5000 x ( t) + 45,000 for every pair of Jordan 1 modeled after the Neutral Grey and Phantom 1’s.

in our case t=5, hence Number of SB X Jordan 1 = 5000 x (5) + 45,000= 70,000 pairs

To see how I came up with the equation, refer to the link below

Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint| How Many Pairs Possibly Made & Market Value?


My initial destination was eBay and the histogram below is a summary of what the data I collected:

SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris number of pairs made market value
SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris number of pairs made market value- Sales record from eBay

The total number of pairs sold on eBay so far is about 36 and the price range was between $200 and $299. I recorded about 14 pairs sold within the $200-$219.99 range and most of the pairs sold at that price were between size 10-13. The $280-$299.99 range included 8 pairs and each size sold at that price was between 8-9.5. The $220-$280 price range included more common sizes as well. The market value based on eBay’s data is about $253.97 for a 45.12% mark up but this deceiving. The data is too small ( 36 pairs sold) and I’ll explain why. Take a look at the screenshot below via StockX

SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris number of pairs made market value stockX

You see how ridiculous the ratio is between eBay and StockX as far as the number of sales is concerned. StockX recorded 1687 sales while eBay only recorded 36; I  have been talking about this disruption for almost two years now. The market value based on stockX’s record is $242 and a closer look at the platform’s data indeed confirms that sizes 9.5 and below are selling the highest ( $280+). What does this mean for retailers? We can make some quick bold inferences; sizes 9.5 and below are going to sell out instantly. Sizes 10-11 may still be available within a couple of days after the shoe officially releases and sizes 12 and above will probably take a couple of weeks to sell out.


SB X Air Jordan 1 NYC To Paris

style#CD6578-006, $175, 5/25

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