Check Out Future’s Reebok Zoku Runner UltraKnit Freebandz

Reebok Zoku Runner UltraKnit Freebandz

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Future belongs to the new school entertainers I can’t stand; the lack of creativity and depth in their lyrics just bug the good sense out of me. But I can’t blame the new young generation for being addicted the “mumble rap”. Knowing how fleeting their rap career is, these new artists have found ways to stay relevant by branching out to other outlets.  I was in my local mall yesterday and  I spotted a pair of the Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit Freebandz, birthed out of a collaboration with RBK and Rapper Future’s clothing line Freebandz.

This particular edition will feature a combination of knit and mesh materials with plastic and  3M reflective leather overlays on the quarter panels. The iconic Reebok Crosscheck logo constitute the panel overlays and is intertwined with the lacing system for a secure lockdown fit. According to Reebok,

 the crosscheck was inspired by the instant of flight, and created as a symbol of momentum.

The freebandz logo will appear on the outside of the tongue and more reebok’s logos can be seen near the heel. the shoes are equipped with the DMX foam cushioning  ( a responsible durable foam compound usually featured on Reebok’s basketball shoes to deliver extra padding in areas where the players need it the most). Check out the detailed pictures below and let me know what your thoughts are on the shoes.

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit Freebandz



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Future’s freebandz logo on the outside of the tongue
DMX foam midsole for maximum cushioning
3M reflective details on the heel panels


A close look at the ultraknit material


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