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The Raiders Inspired Tri Color Air More Uptempo 96 Exceeded My Expectations And Chris Told Me Why

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I was definitely wrong about the Tri Color Air More Uptempo 96; today I was picking up some shoes from Wheaton Mall ( Maryland) and I noticed something unusual in Footlocker, Footaction and DTLR. The traffic seemed to be heavier than normal and I knew there was no limited sneakers dropping but upon closer inspection I realized what was going on. There were not only younger individuals but older ones as well ( I’m talking late 40’s) picking up the Tri Color Air More Uptempo 96. And by the time I was done shopping , DTLR had sold out of their smaller sizes. I definitely embarrassed myself a few weeks ago confidently asserting that the shoes were going to collect dust.

So my immediate response was to call my buddy Chris from ARCH and informed him about what I witnessed. He gave me the usual,

I knew that was going to happen, the NFL is back and Marshawn Lynch is now a Raider so go figure, Nike isn’t stupid, the brand knows exactly what they are doing.

It totally makes sense, Nike has been the official supplier of NFL jerseys since April of 2012 if i’m not mistaken, so like Chris I believe these shoes weren’t manufactured by accident.  they were defimnitely inspired by the Oakland Raiders colors, and couple that with the charismatic Marshawn Lynch, you know this was a recipe for success- once again Nike is a genius.

For those interested in the sneakers, you can buy them from the stockists and featured eBay sellers below



tayib salami

tayib salami

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tayib salami