Quick Look At The Air Jordan 1 Mid Orange Shattered Backboard

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The Jordan 1 mid has been highly coveted by many in the sneaker community and I’m trying to find the reasons behind it. I thought it was due to the Off-White being named the 2017 shoe of the year but there is no evidence that supports it. While I was in my local Footlocker today, I asked the manager  his opinion on the subject and his answer made a lot of sense. Jordan Brand released the Jordan 1 Mid Wutang ( old love in yellow and black) in limited numbers and that’s all it took to send the Jordan 1 Mid silhouette’s sales to go through the roofs; I will be following this trend closely to come up with a more objective assertion later on. In the meantime check out the Air Jordan 1 Mid Orange Shattered Backboard.



tayib salami