Quick Look At The Air Jordan 1 High Defiant X Couture, The $175 Definitely Can’t Be Justified

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I was on my way home from a math tutoring session yesterday  and decided to swing by my local Nike outlet. I ended up picking up a total of four pairs and one of those was the Air Jordan 1 High Defiant X Couture; I already wrote about this shoe in one of my previous posts expressing my vexation with its suggested $175 retail price, see post below

Packaging Of The Prom Night Jordan 11 Revealed | $250 Still Unjustified

As I got to my dwelling place, I took a closer at the sneaker to see if the $175 could be justified and my initial assessment still stands, the $175 was a rip off and none of the elements of the product can validate this exorbitant retail price, watch my video below for more details


tayib salami