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Nike has always been about providing its consumers with the best performance products. I stayed away from the Nike PG1 because I couldn’t slide them past my mid foot, I wrote about it a year and a half ago, see link below

Nike PG1 Ferocity the Bait- Quick Observatons | Is it Worth Buying?

One of the main problems with the shoes was that they were too narrow near the mid foot and the strap made them unbearable for folks with wide feet. Consequently the Nike PG2 was constructed by omitting the mid foot strap to suit wide footers; but that also seems to have caused problems for individuals that feel more comfortable when they are “ONE” with their sneakers. And what does Nike do? They come out with the Nike PG2.5 by incorporating the strap to suit folks with narrower feet. Brands that thrive always listen to the consumers’s needs and Nike is one of them. But let’s not forget that the Paul George’s signature shoes are beloved in the league, see picture below. From the report, you can clearly see that the PG1 was the shoe of choice for several players in the league ( why? the ankle strap not only provided a secured fit but it also improved the look of the shoe).

The Nike Pg2.5 will also cost $110 and will be available on July the 19th.


Nike PG 2.5

Style#BQ8452-004, $110 July 19

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