Odorklenz Odor Eliminating Powder | Removes Smells From Shoes & Athletic Gears & More

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I came across this product called Odorklenz sports powder and I was very eager to test it for several reasons. my son plays Football and he doesn’t get to wash his gears very often. He tends to let them sit n his coach’s trunk or my trunk and the result is a disaster. The smell from it becomes unbearable. Not only that but we are family of five with four males in the house, all involved into some type of physical activity. And with that comes smelly sneakers, or gears and things of the like. You can understand how frustrating this can be for my wife who has to make sure all our gears are clean.

I was given the opportunity to test this Odor Eliminating Sports Powder; I had a chance to evaluate its effectiveness a couple of days ago and instead of me giving you a long speech about the product’s claims , I’ll let you watch the video below.


Odor Removing Powder

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OdorKlenz has the solution to the stinky shoe issue. We have an innovative product that is formulated and targeted just for deodorizing and removing shoe odor. Without the use of toxic chemicals and perfumes. There is no need to spray your shoes in an over-perfumed mist while you hold your breath, use this natural and effective shoe deodorizer.

Our patented formula that we use in our OdorKlenz powders is simple, safe, and effective. Utilizing fast odor- removing technology, OdorKlenz Sports Powder can be used in a wide range of sports equipment from stinky sneakers, and other odor absorbing materials such as helmets, pads, workout gloves, and other sports equipment that cannot be washed conventionally through the washing machine.

Equipped with a convenient flip-top dispenser, OdorKlenz Sports Powder is ideal for easy, quick application. The quick-drying formula will make sweaty sneakers a thing of the past. No need to go out and spend a fortune on new shoes or athletic equipment. Our patented formula is safe and chemical free, leaving no heavily perfumed odor behind.

The application is easy and quick: simply coat shoes or any sports equipment that has absorbed bacteria and sweat, with a visible coat of OdorKlenz Sports Powder.


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