Nike Unlaced | Your Sneaker Dream Destination Courtesy Nike

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I was just on Nike‘s site and came across the Nike Unlaced event that took place during the Paris Fashion Week. What struck me about the featured stories was that all of them originated from women’s. This has been a theme with Nike as of late, empowering the women’s movement and you can see its fruits everywhere. I wrote  about what Nike has been doing for the ladies a couple of weeks ago, see post below

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Recap of the Nike Unlaced Paris edition courtesy of Nike

Who: Susie Lau AKA Susie Bubble What: Fashion Blogger Based in: London Wearing: Nike Air Max 270 “I like clothes and shoes with stories — clothes that have a narrative. I chose the Air Max 270 because it has a very distinctive, prominent sole. Bouncy soles, bouncy fabric. I like to experiment with lots of prints, textures, colors. My style could be described as schizophrenic.”

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Who: Dolores De La Rosa What: Performance Artist Based in: Madrid & Barcelona Wearing: Nike Air Max 97 UL ’17 SE “Every morning I wake up, and I dance with the music super loud. My way to keep fit and enjoy my body is to dance. One day I wake up like, ‘I want to feel more masculine,’ and I call myself Cohen. Another day I want to feel more Aliya, which is more feminine. I don’t have a regular style. I always loved the Air Max 97. The first time I saw it, I asked my parents to buy it for me. They bought it for my brother and gave me an Air Max 95, but I always wanted to have it.”

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Who: Candace Marie What: Social Media Manager Based in: New York City Wearing: Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit “Ironically, my creative outlet is social media. Not only is it my job, but through it, I find people around the world who inspire me. I love to mix prints and pops of color, but I also like to implement another aspect of black back into that; so you see how I love the VaporMax. I’m able to just put them on, and they easily go with this flow of clothing.”

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Who: Anna Plunkett What: Fashion Designer Based in: Sydney Wearing: Nike Air Max 95 “My personal style is really random, but I’d say it’s very eclectic. I like mixing high fashion with low street style. I chose the Air Max 95s because I grew up with Air Max, and I really love color. I also like to do yoga. I do it about three times a week. And it’s not really like a physical thing, it’s also a mental thing for me. I work long hours, and I just love the energy of yoga. I just feel amazing after it. I think everyone should do yoga.”

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Who: Brie Welch What: Stylist Based in: New York City Wearing: Nike Air Max 90 SE “To stay fit, I dance. I’ve always used dance as a form of expression. I wear a lot of pants. It’s a bit boyish but with feminine touches. A neckerchief that floats away or something a bit more feminine. My shoes, or something like that, even if the shoe happens to be red. I chose the Air Max 90 in red because I’m always looking for a little hint of red when I get dressed.”

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