Nike The Choice Was Made For Only The Elites | Atmos Air Max Animal Pack

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Nike has been doing a lot of great things related to the CDO ( Consumer Direct Offense) by far but the  “Nike The Choice” release method isn’t one of them. The Atmos Air Max Animal Pack will re-release today and the only people that will be able to purchase the sneakers are folks who have the Air Force 1 NikeConnect QS. The shoe is equipped with a chip camouflaged under the NikeConnect logo on its heel. The NikeConnect app gives the user access to exclusive content i.e. the ” Nike The choice”. Basically without the AF1 NC Qs, you don’t have access to these exclusive contents, and consequently you can’t buy the shoes. Now I understand Nike is still in the testing period but the brand is making a subtle statement,

if you ain’t part of the elite, you ain’t getting the kicks

They may not openly say that but that is what is being inferred. There are tons of people who still buy sneakers the traditional way ( local mall, online retailers, …). How will these individuals be catered to? This isn’t just about not having money to buy sneakers but I’m thinking about folks that aren’t technologically savvy. Nike is essentially forcing the consumer to either adapt or perish. Right now it seems to be in the brand’s favor because consumers have been conditioned to think Nike first before other brands. But if this trends continues, I can see how Nike might lose a certain portion of its market. The brand has probably realized  that certain age groups aren’t interested in exclusive sneakers but my Sneaker groups on social media say otherwise. I don’t have all the data to prove it but there is a growing number of folks that are becoming very dissatisfied with Nike’s release methods ( countless apps ) for exclusive sneakers. For those who took the time to read this post, let me know what your thoughts are on the topic.

Where To Buy The Nike Atmos Air Max Animal Pack

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