Nike Lebron 7 QS Christmas CU5133-600 | Available Now

Nike Lebron 7 QS Christmas CU5133-600

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The Nike Lebron 7 VII red carpet was the first of the Lebron 7 silhouette to be recycled. As soon as I saw that Nike as bringing the sneaker back, I realized that several other colorways will be reintroduced. I wrote a post in which I suspected that the brand was probably looking at  third party marketplaces’s current sales data to determine what sneaker to revive, see post below

The Nike Lebron 7 VII Red Carpet Is Coming Back, Thanks Be To Third Party Marketplaces

I wanted to write a post to figure out the number of pairs of the Nike Lebron 7 QS Christmas that were made but the lack of time and manpower didn’t allow me to do so. From what I gathered through my quick investigation, beside Nike there are a total of 3 USA retailers that will be carrying the shoe and 12 international sneaker boutiques that were given an inventory, see list below:

US Retailers/boutiques: Footlocker, DTLR, Shopnicekicks, Wish ATL, Bodega, Burnrubber,Concepts, Feature, Oneness, Packershoes,

International Retailers/boutiques: 18Montrose, END,43Einhalb,Afewstore,Apshatgold,BSTN, Footdistrict, Footpatrol, Offspring, Overkill, Suppa, Luisa Via Roma

So you can set up your own assumptions and run your numbers; I think only House Of Hoops by Footlocker locations will be given an inventory. I’m also assuming that for the USA,  Nike will keep about 1/2 of the inventory and give Footlocker (1/4) and the remaining retailers (1/4) as well. With that said, all you have to do is figure out how many pairs each footlocker will receive and run the numbers.

Nike Lebron 7 QS Christmas CU5133-600


Nike Lebron 7 QS Christmas

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