Nike Dunk Low Venice Release Information, Review + Resale Value

Nike Dunk Low Venice Release information, resale value and review
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The month of February is going to be a ruckus, with a slew of new sneakers dropping, with Nike, as usual, leading the charge. Releasing on February 2,2022 is the Women’s Nike Dunk Low Venice, a stylish, comfortable sneaker perfect for showing your team spirit. The shoe features a White based upper and Venice highlights on the forefoot and back overlays as well as the panels’ customary swoosh logo. The low-cut collar and foam insole provide plush cushioning, while the rubber sole with classic hoops pivot circle adds durability and traction, making these sneakers a must-have for any fan. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low Venice

  • Price:$100
  • Release Date: 2022-02-02 ( restock 2/17)
  • Style Code:DD1503-116
  • Color: White / Venice


Snipes, Nordstrom

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Stock Numbers

Here is the projected number of pairs per size and the total number of pairs produced.

Size 5( 77 pairs), size 5.5 (138 pairs), size 6 (500 pairs), size 6.5 (560 pairs), size 7 (1007 pairs), size 7.5 (760 pairs), size 8 ( 1043 pairs), size 8.5 (500 pairs), size 9 (672 pairs), size 9.5 (417 pairs), size 10 (464 pairs), size 10.5 (155 pairs), size 11 (181 pairs), size 11.5 (17 pairs), size 12 ( 54 pairs).

Total pairs= 6545 pairs

Resale Value

Nike Dunk Low Venice Resale Value Vs time

The chart above gives you a breakdown of the average sale price of the shoe since January 28,2022. It is safe to say that this is a pretty stable shoe whose resale value is currently in the low $180’s. It is definitely going to be a great investment for the long term option. For those looking to flip it now, let’s see what our five number summary reveals.

Minimum: $174
Quartile Q1: $182
Median: $186
Quartile Q3: $193
Maximum: $224

The lowest the shoe sold for so far is $174 ( that is great news). 25% of the shoe sold for prices from $174 to $182, 50% of the sold for values between $182 and $193 and another 25% sold for prices between $193 and $224. The current average resale value is about $189 and it yields to a profit of +$66.

Let me also give you a breakdown of the resale by size to see what sizes to shoot for to maximize your profit.

Nike Dunk Low Venice Resale Value Vs size

This is certainly a good shoe to invest in with larger sizes fetching more money.

Dunk Low Venice Review

Here is an a review and on feet look at the shoe courtesy of Josh Dominic via Youtube

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