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The Nike Air Vapormax 97 Silver Bullet is set to officially drop on April 12th stateside. I was checking for possible stockists for the shoes and so far only Nike will have these. And you know what the implications are- they are going to be limited. So I was interested in checking for the shoes’s current market value and I took to eBay. They had already been dropped in europe on March the 30th so there are several sizes listed on eBay now. I recorded 24 sales so far and they are as follows:


I’m going to create what we usually call in statistics the Five Number Summary to give you a better interpretation of the data. You can use a Ti-83 calculator to do that.

Minimum number=265, Quartile 1 Q1=270, Median=$298, Quartile 3 Q3=$320, Highest Number=$375. To find any possible outliers ( numbers that are detached from the main body), we’ll use the IQR test ( don’t worry about this i’ll explain the ).

IQR=Q3-Q1= 320-270=50 and my cutoffs are $220 an $370 so any number that falls below $220 or above $370 is an outlier and the only outlier we have is $375 ( meaning that $375 is a bit of an inconsistency).

this is my boxplot, you can clearly see that the graph is skewed to the right so the $375 is an irregularity and half of our values fall between $270 and $320 so to estimate the current market value we will adopt the value of the median that is $298 or roughly $300

And the current market value is $300. Let’s see what the outlier was, look at screenshots below

on march 29th, the size 10.5 was $300 an jumped to $375 on March 31st. The supply and demand was the key here. It was probably a hard size to come about
On April 4th the size 10.5 dropped back to $296
And it dropped back to $270 on April 7th. That explains everything. All this is telling me is that guys have to be a little more patient.


Nike is going to be the only stockist with the Vapormax 97 comes April 13th. I’m expecting the price to remain at $270 and as time progresses it will continue to increase. If you’re a reseller and you get your hands on them, you’ve struck bronze. The retail price is $190 so you are looking at an “OK” return on your investment. If you are looking to buy these to wear, it will not be an easy task.


Nike Air Vapormax 97 Silver Bullet

style#AJ7291-002, $190


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