Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander, Stock Numbers, Where To Buy & Resale

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Just in time for the Spring season, Nike introduced the Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander. This new sneaker features a versatile design that is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. With its combination of style and comfort, this Air Trainer 1  is sure to be a hit with sneakerheads everywhere. This futuristic shoe nods to the OG design, while featuring reflective graphics and iridescent accents. It’s perfect for performance sports, with a heel Air cushioning and mid-height collar for added comfort and security. For purchase purposes, refer to the release details below.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander Release Information

  • Price:$140
  • Release Date: 2022-02-11
  • Style Code:DH7338-300
  • Color: Coriander / Ashen Slate / Wheat / Light Sienna


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In other sneaker news, the Nike Dunk Low Passport is releasing today as well.

Stock Numbers

First, let’s see what our data reveals and we’ll run our numbers accordingly.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander stock numbers

Based on the records above, we’ll go with the following distribution per size.

Size 3.5 (8 pairs), size 4 (36 pairs), size 4.5 (12), size 5 (45), size 5.5 (45), size 6-6.5 (36 each), size 7 (160), size 7.5 (170), size 8(210), size 8.5 (360), size 9(360), size 9.5 (480), size 10(530), size 10.5 (530), size 11 ( 330), size 11.5 (216), size 12 (370), size 12.5 (12), size 13 ( 210), size 14 ( 140), size 15 (12).

Total for Nike US= ( 8+ 36+ 12+ 45+45+36+36+160+170+210+360+360+480+530+530+330+216+370+12=210+140+12)pairs= 3946 let say 4,000 pairs

This number is only Nike US, so for the entire worldwide production, we can assume that it will be anywhere from 4,000 pairs to 16,000 pairs.

PS: As you all know, I always have to add this disclaimer because every single projection that I make is purely based on assumptions that I have set. It is meant to give you an idea of what to expect, I don’t work any of these brands/retailers I mentioned and have no access to their numbers. I’m only using what is available to create plausible assumptions.

Resale Value

This time around, we’ll find our five number summary and build our case based on what we’ve obtained.

Minimum: $116
Quartile Q1: $157
Median: $175.5
Quartile Q3: $195.25
Maximum: $295

The lowest sale recorded was $116 while the highest was $295. 25% of the shoes sold for prices from $116 to $157, 50% ( the majority) sold for values between $157 and $195.25 while another 25% sold for prices from $195.25 to $295. The cumulative average sale price ( resale value) of the Air Trainer 1 Coriander is $179, yielding to a +$14 profit. Even though the shoe is limited, its ROI is pretty low and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for resale purposes. There were about three outliers  {$253, $262, $295} from two size 11’s and a size 13 but they can be misleading. I don’t think they will retain their high resale values, given those sizes aren’t that scarce. Let me give you a breakdown of the resale by size with the current profit margins.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Coriander resale by size

You can expect all these margins to drop by another 10% to 15% by the time the shoe releases officially. What’s the conclusion then? I wouldn’t recommend this shoe , it’s a risky investment.

Air Trainer 1 Coriander Review

Here is a review and an on feet look at the shoe courtesy of Icollectkicks via Youtube


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