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Nike Air More Uptempo 96 Denim CJ6125-100 |Available Now

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I was disappointed with Nike for adulterating a classic shoe like the Nike uptempo; and I think my vexation with the brand isn’t exaggerated. You can read my previous post on the topic, see link below

Nike Managed To Ruin The Nike Air More Uptempo

I do think that Nike has tried to repair the image of the Uptempo with their latest releases i.e the Incognito edition, the Euro Pack and recently the camouflage colorway. The brand has so flooded the market that with frivolous sneakers that even when there is a diamond in the rough, the consumer is numb to it. I don’t know how I truly feel about the Nike Air More Uptempo 96 Denim; on one hand I think it’s an incredible innovation but on the other hand I do think Nike must put the uptempo silhouette in the doghouse and let it rest for a considerable amount of time. The Edit To Amplify campaign must be the at the root of every sneaker Nike plans to bring on the market. If checks and balances aren’t rigorous i’m afraid retailers are the ones that will pay the price ( because the shoes will collect dust on shelves until they are sent to the outlets).

The Nike Air More Uptempo 96 Denim is available for purchase now via Housakicks Online Shop, see details below



Nike Air More Uptempo 96 Denim

Style#CJ6125-100, $160

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