Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200, How Many Pairs Made & Where To Buy

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200
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The Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany is set to drop officially on September the 21st and retails for $200. Early laser engraving on leather in shoes was a game changer in the early 2000’s. Twenty years later, the Air Max 90 “Laser” builds on the Air Max tradition while also showcasing the current laser engraving capabilities. To emulate how trees grow in layers over time, the sneaker’s one-piece premium leather upper includes concentric wood designs. It also resembles the legendary Air Max 90 in terms of shape and characteristics. For this look, only a laser cutter and a sneaker designer were required. Refer to the details below if you’re interested in purchasing a pair.

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany  Release Details

  • MSRP:$200
  • Release Date: 2021-09-21
  • Style Number:DH4689-200
  • Color:Mahogany / Sail

Where To Buy: Nike

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How Many Pairs Made?

Based on the data collected, the only stockists for the shoes are Nike US and Nike Europe. Sizes available for the shoes run from size 6 to size 15, that’s about 17 categories. How do we figure out how many pairs will be allocated per category. Obviously extremely small and large sizes will be available in less quantities. For example, size 15 may be only available in let say 20 units while size 10 , which is a common size will be available in let say 300 units. I’ll ascribe a 100 pairs for sizes 6-7.5, 220 pairs for sizes 8-12, 20 pairs for sizes 12.5 and 15, 120 pairs for size 13 and let say 50 pairs for size 14. Our numbers will be as follows:

sizes 6-7.5=  4 x 100 pairs =400 pairs

sizes 8-12=9 X 220= 1980 pairs

sizes 12.5 and 15= 20 x 2= 40 pairs

size 13= 120 pairs

size 14= 50 pairs

so the total for Nike US would be= 400 pairs+ 1980 pairs+ 40 pairs+ 120 pairs + 50 pairs = 2590 pairs let say 2600 pairs

And the number of pairs worldwide will be obtained by doubling, tripling and possibly quadrupling this number:

Total production will fall within the 2600 pairs < Global production < 10,400 pairs

Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200 Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200 Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200 Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200 Nike Air Max 90 Laser Mahogany DH4689-200

Images courtesy of Nike

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