Last Shot To Score These Exclusive New Balance NB 247 Luxe Edition

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I’ve been bragging about the NB 247 since last year when it first dropped and rightfully so. This is by far one of the best shoes to hit the sneaker scene; I tried on the olive edition in my local FTL and I became a fan immediately. It’s a breathable shoe with a sock like heel collar, durable materials and amazing cushioning you can literally wear 24/7. I’m glad brands are going beyond just creating shoes with great aesthetics- they are now doing everything in their power to enhance the customer’s experience with the product. The NMD started a domino effect that is playing directly into the consumer’s hands. People are no longer just buying shoes for the sake of it, they are now asking the question- why should I buy this particular shoe?

And the brands that can effectively  answer this question will build to themselves a a loyal audience. Ladies and gentlemen , check out these Exclusive New Balance NB 247 Luxe Edition, featuring a With a buttery nubuck upper and a textile bootie. You can Buy The Collection via New Balance-Click here

tayib salami
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