Kobe MVP 81 pts Inspired Lakers Custom Sneakers

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The black mamba is no longer part of the side of eternity but his legacy lives on. I came across some Kobe MVP 81 pts Inspired Lakers Custom  sneakers that I thought I’d share on my site. They came in two different colorways, one in the Los Angeles Lakers’ purple and gold uniform, and the other in black and white.

kobe inspired custom laker sneakers

Each shoe has a different purpose, the black and white one is reminiscent of grieving the loss of Kobe. The shoe features a synthetic upper adorned with the black mamba’s number and achievements i.e. MVP, his 81 points against the Raptors, the Lakers logo on the midsection and Kobe’s name on the back. MJ’s 69 points makes its way onto the shoe showing the contrast between the two players. Another interesting feature that comes with the shoe is its fur lining to keep the wearer’s foot cozy.

Kobe inspired custom lakers sneakers

The purple and gold edition is reminiscent of the Lakers glory days under kobe, they also feature the same graphics on their uppers but the undertone is the shiny days of the franchise and its most memorable player, the black mamba, see video below

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Kobe MVP 81 pts #24 Sneaker Black& Grey

Kobe MVP 81 pts #24 Sneaker Black& Grey








Kobe MVP 81 pts #24 Sneaker PURPLE gOLD

Kobe MVP 81 pts #24 Sneaker Purple & Gold


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