How To Keep Your Shoes, Sneakers Smell & Odor Free Permanently

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There are tons of products in the market right now that promise to spectacular things for one’s sneakers. So far  one of the products that has worked for me is Jason Markk; not only is it affordable but it also lasted me a long time. I was given another product by a brooklyn based company at my last sneakercon event; the owner of the company claimed he was going to put J. Markk out of business. And being so gullible I purchased his product which is by far the worst I’ve come across. I won’t get into details but it was awful. I’ve used all kind of stuff to clean my shoes, from hand soap to laundry detergent, you name it I’ve used it. The dangerous part about using these products is the harsh chemicals they are made with; and we put those chemicals on our shoes and clothes we wear, and consequently we might be harming ourselves.

I came across a new product which I’ve been bragging about for the last couple of weeks and rightfully so. It is earth friendly, affordable, has no toxic chemicals and top of it all it delivers. Ladies and gentlmen , check out OdorKlenz Odor eliminating sports powder. to make a long story short, I’ll let you watch the video below which explains how the product works

BUY IT NOW VIA- ODORKLENZ WEBSITE-CLICK HERE( ( Use code kicks20 for extra 20% off )



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