Is The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Butter Mass Produced| Buy It now

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I wrote a post a couple of months ago challenging Adidas to make a million Yeezy sneakers at once, see link below

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I haven’t quite written any posts trying to figure out how many pairs of Yeezy sneakers Adidas has made but a look at the resale value of the shoes on third party marketplaces is a good way to make predictions. A quick look on eBay and StockX at the current market value of the  Yeezy 350 V2 Butter leads me to the speculation that they may be available in substantial numbers. I’ve recorded about five legitimate sales on eBay ranging from $350-$376 ( $350 x 3, $360, $376) with an average selling price of $357.2. But StockX’s findings will surprise you, see picture below and i’ll explain

StockX’s average selling price is $506 which is 41% above eBay’s selling price. There is a shift here taking place right before our very eyes- when it comes to exclusive sneakers, more and more people are turning away from eBay and trusting StockX. It doesn’t surprise me because eBay is notorious for being a safe house for counterfeits. The only challenge StockX has now is to figure out a way to acquire the average buyer who is only interested in non -exclusives. I wrote a post about that, see link below

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Let me stick to the topic at hand, is the  Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Butter mass produced or not? I’ll say my findings were inconclusive at this point since both marketplaces are giving us conflicting resale values. You can however go on Adidas’s website and see the list  the brand has provided for the international and local stockists and come up with your own conclusion. Click HERE for the entire LIST.


buy it now via StockX click here

or refer to the eBay’s listings below from our legitimate featured sellers

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