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How Will The 2300 Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home Be Split?

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The initial thought  that crossed my mind when I saw my social media news feed filled with folks stating that only 2300 pairs of  Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home  were produced was- that’s impossible. I’m all for sharing information but let’s not be to gullible. So I always encourage folks test any information before they accept or share it; that means you have to read more with a critical spirit. Most sneaker blogs are eager to be the first one to have the news and consequently misinform their readers at times.

You can see the From and for on the back tab.


There are two versions of the Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home  that are releasing. The one coming out on April 21st ( limited to 2300 pairs) comes with the words “From and “For” at the heel, and will be released exclusively in Chicago. And the GR ( general release) version will release in May with obviously no words at the heel. Since we are talking about the number of pairs produced, I’ll use this opportunity to predict how many units of the May version Nike will make. I think it’s going be 23000 pairs( in keeping with MJ’s #23, and the shoes being a limited GR ) or 60,000 pairs ( because of Jordan’s 6 rings). Nike is a little predictable and I don’t think the brand will manufacture anything less than 23000.

How Will the 2300 pairs be split?

They are only coming out Chicago and I only identified four retailers that will get them: Niketown, DTLR, Ruvilla, Footaction and ChicagoCitySports, Notre I went on each of their sites to collect additional information and this what I came up with


Nike will obviously get a little less than half of the entire inventory so i’ll be gracious to the other retailers and give Nike about 1000 pairs. Now we have 1300 pairs that have to be split between five stores.


Only one FTA is getting the shoes and they are not going to be available online and I’m assuming the store will get probably:

between 100 and 150 pairs, let’s say 150 pairs. So we are left with 1150 pairs for the remaining retailers ( about 288 pairs/ retailer).


CCS has about 26 stores and according to their IG post, only select locations are going to get the shoes so i’m assuming either 1/2 or 1/3 will be given an inventory ( I’ll opt for the 1/3). If that’s the case then only 9 stores will be getting the shoes and to find the number per location, we do

288/9=32 but I’ll say 30 pairs per location ( I don’t think they will be available online so your job will be to call CCS and ask them about the locations).


Dtlr just posted the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen coming from a Retailer. Here is what they said:

ATTENTION CHI-TOWN: VILLA & DTLR aren’t the only two cultural icons joining together this month.

Think you know Chicago? Put your knowledge to the test with our ‘Better Together Scavenger Hunt’ and prove it! Winners will be guaranteed an opportunity to purchase the Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home” releasing exclusively at select DTLR/VILLA Chicago locations on April 21st

Basically they are forcing you to figure out what other retailers are going to get the shoes and if you can come up with the names, you are guaranteed the pair. Stunts like this are the reason why I stopped buying exclusive sneakers, this is kindergartner-ish and utterly nonsensical. DTLR has about 12 stores in Chicago so I’m assuming 6 of those will have an inventory, hence

288/6= 48 pairs per location. ( they said nothing about making the shoes available online ).

Ruvilla ( same as DTLR 288 pairs , both companies have merged together)


They are also running an In-Store Raffle and an online one as well and I’m assuming they were also allocated 288 pairs. For more information on it visit https://www.notre-shop.com/blogs/lifestyle/air-jordan-1-homage-to-home-raffle

The Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home (” From” “For”) is definitely going to be a on every reseller’s radar. They are actually selling for $700+ on eBay as I type this, see listings below ( Good luck getting a pair).


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