How Is The Air Jordan XXXIII 33 Performing In The Retail Market So Far?

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I got up this morning with one thing in mind- I wanted to see how the Air jordan XXXIII was going to perform in the retail market online.Today the Air Jordan XXXIII was tested and all I’m reporting here is what I collected from my observations from various retailers. I only considered the online shops since I don’t have the manpower to visit every single physical location of the retailers of interest.


The shoes are sold out on and it doesn’t surprise me at all; Nike has been all about the CDO ( Consumer direct Offense) and these shoes being sold out is a direct reflection of the brand’s aggressive campaign. The Jordan 32 also sold out on Nike last year when they dropped so this isn’t very conclusive, so let’s check  Nike’s distributors.

I tried to add every size and the shoes are all sold out via Footlocker

Sold out via Eastbay, another member of Footlocker’s family

Sold out on Shoepalace, a minor retailer

scatterred sizes available via Finishline ( see screenshot above, sz11,11.5,12 and 14)

Only three sizes left via kicksUSA

Dicksportinggoods has full size run s you can see in the screenshot above, it doesn’t surprise me ( it’s one of those companies that most sneaker heads or shoppers don’t visit that often).

Last year I wrote a similar report about the Jordan 32 ( the red colorway) and the shoes were sold out on Nike but available in full size run via Footlocker, Finsihline, etc.. The eye test is painting a different story when it comes to the Jordan 33- Jordan Brand seems to have found a lane with these. We can’t make a quick judgement call based on one colorway but it sure does show that people really want the shoes.

The Air Jordan XXXII 32 Proved The Effectiveness Of Nike DTC Push


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