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MJ’s last shot that crucified the UTAH Jazz in the 1998 NBA finals turns 20 this year. This is probably one of the most memorable game winning shots the NBA has ever witnessed. I frankly wanted the Jazz to win that series because their dynamic duo ( John Stockton and Karl Malone). These guys made the pick and roll a beauty to watch, they were literally unstoppable. That shot made the 14’s a special shoe; it was also Jordan’s final dance with the Chicago Bulls.

The Air Jordan 14 XIV Last Shot was the first Jordan Retro I purchased with my own money. They were primarily built to mimic the Ferrari’s power and performance. They sport a cooling system near the midsole to combat sweaty feet and heat. The side panels have been specifically designed to be Aerodynamic and facilitate movements on the court. The shoes feature a heel counter that works in combination with the EVA inner liner to provide stability and great ankle support.Other features include:

  • OUTSOLE: Rubber with high performance traction pattern
  • invisible air unit on the heel and fore foot provide cushioning


Air Jordan 14 XIV Last Shot

Style#487471-003, $190, 6/14/2018

Nike made a decision to trim down production numbers on shoes that aren’t highly sought after and I think the last shot 14 fall in that category. They are liked but not to the point where they will sell out in stores instantly. I think these might be a little limited; Nike might want to produce 20,000 pairs in keeping with the shoes 20th anniversary. The only gauge we have now to evaluate the shoes is their current market value. The shoe is currently selling for $250 ( $60 above retail price) so in my opinion the price will drop by $30 or $40 on the resale market once the shoes officially release. I’ll be giving you an update on that.

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