An Invasion Of The Air Jordan 3 Chlorophyll Is On The Way | How Many Made?

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This past Saturday, the Air Jordan 5 Satin came out and as predicted the shoe is taking up the already scarce space on retailers’s shelves. As I type this , its value  has already decreased and can be fetched on eBay below retail ( $189.95 with no tax added). The Air Jordan 3 Chlorophyll is the next GR in line for Saturday November the 10th and I can guarantee you that it will be one of the worse commodities for retailers to have. Why am I saying that? They can already be purchased on eBay for $164.95 ( yes you heard me $164.95) basically 11% below retail and they haven’t officially dropped yet. It’s a great situation for the consumer but a nightmare for retailers who continue to suffer. Most major and minor retailers are now heavily relying on cash customers but Amazon and other third party marketplaces are developing ways to acquire those buyers too and when that happens, retailers will be in a far worse condition.

At this point it is utterly useless for me to determine the amount of pairs produced but I must keep the tradition so let’s do it. A minor retailer already told me that his location was given about 30 pairs, that alone is enough to tell me that major retailers will probably be allocated between 30 and 48 pairs. With that said, let’s consider the following assumptions

  • Footlocker and its derivatives will receive about 1/4 of the total inventory
  • Each physical FTL receives 30 pairs, FTA and Champs probably 24 pairs
  • And their online counterparts ( Eastbay included) will receive about a quarter of the inventory the physical locations will be allocated.
  • North America has  a little over 1000 active Footlocker stores, 547 Champs stores and  272 Footaction stores and those are the ones that will be considered.
Footlocker launch locator-
Champs release locator

Physical Stores: Footlocker ( 1000 x 39) + Champs ( 570 x 24) + Footaction (272 x 24)=59208 pairs

Online locations: A quarter  of the total number 59208/4=14802

let’s not forget give Eastbay a 1/4 of the total from the FTL,FTA, Champs online combined

Eastbay= 14802/4=3700

So the Total from Footlocker and derivatives = 59208 +3700+14802 =77710

And now the Grand total is based on our earlier assumptions: 77710 x4=310840

I always want to point out that all these projections are purely based on assumptions so take them with a grain of salt. These are just done to give you a vivid picture of what is taking place in the sneaker market.

You can buy the Air Jordan 3 Chlorophyll  on eBay from the legitimate sellers in the listings below

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