Allen Iverson Black & Grey Reebok Answer 4 IV V44961 Is Making A Return

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Hall of famer Iverson is known for having one of the deadliest  crossover move the NBA has evee seen; he never won a ring but AI will always be referred to as a passionate player who left everything he had on the court. The 2000-2001 was a significant season Iverson; that same year he won the NBA MVP award, and also won the All Star Game MVP award ( back when it really mattered). He finished the season with 31.1 points  and 2.5 steals per game. He then met Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in the NBA final, which many thought Philly will lose by being swept. But Iverson wouldn’t have it, he went into the first game of the series with rage, scoring 48 points,  trash talking the entire game, slaying  Tyron Lue with a jumper,  stepping over him in typical AI fashion, a moment that become iconic and forever seared in our minds. In that same game, Iverson was wearing his own signature shoes, the Reebok Answer 4 IV. The Black & white Answer 4 was reintroduced in the month of June and Reebok is bringing back the Black & Grey Reebok Answer 4 IV on the 27th f October.

They come in a black and grey  full grain leather upper with many other important details referencing AI throughout the entire shoe- Iverson I3 logo on the forefoot panels, AI’s own face on the heel portion of the outsole and finally a quote of his (Only The Strong Survive) on the outsole as well. They are a mid cut shoe, equipped with full DMX cushioning and an innovative lacing system covered by a zipper


Black & Grey Reebok Answer 4 IV

Style# V44961, $150

You can buy them now on eBay from our featured sellers, see listings below


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