Air Jordan 6 Aleali May Rust Pink CI0550-600| Limited & Buy It now

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The Air Jordan 6 Aleali May is scheduled to officially release on March the 16th; the shoe was obviously the result of a joint work between Jordan Brand and stylist stylist Aleali May. Based on Nike’s own PR, the shoe was created for May’s family and friends and was inspired by millennial’s fascination with pink i.e. the various ways it can be styled. It features a premium nubuck upper with bright crimson highlights.

only two listings on eBay at a $499 average value

Nike has definitely put a tight leash on the shoe as the brand is the only confirmed stockist with an inventory. That quickly led me to eBay and interestingly there are only two merchants currently selling the model at an average price of $499. No sales were recorded but nonetheless this shoe will definitely be targeted by resellers  ( the good old supply and demand rule will apply here). There were only three recorded sales on StockX for a 52.6% mark up so I’m going to monitor this shoe closely.

tayib salami