Air Jordan 4 Raptors | How Many Pairs Made | Market Value

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The Air Jordan 4 Raptors will officially release on August the 18th; the shoes were inspired by the Raptors’s uniform/logo colors.They feature a premium black nubuck upper with purple highlights on the midsole, tongue and heel panel. I thought the shoes were supposed to be a quick strike until I took a look at Footlocker launch locator. I decided to take a different route today to figure out the number of pairs available in the US market. Basically what I’ll do is go state by state and provide you with the number of stores per state; the only challenge would be to come up with a number of pairs per store. I’ll also include the following assumptions to save myself from any other headaches

Footlocker and its derivatives are allocated about 1/4 of the entire inventory

.Footaction, Champs  receive about a half of what FTL is given

.FTL online receives about half of the inventory the physical locations will receive ( and the initial assumptions will apply to FTA, Champs and Eastbay online)

Here is the number of stores allocated an inventory per state.

AL(11), AZ(7), CA(10), CO(6), CT(8), DE(2), FL(10), GA(10), HI(2), IL(13), IN(7), KS(3), KY(5), LA(9), MD(13), MA(9), MI(10), MN(10), MO(10), NE(4), NV(6), NJ(5), NY(50), NC(11), OH(10), OK(2), OR(2), PA(6), TEN(7), TX(30), UT(2), VA(11),WV(1)

Disclaimer: This is a rough estimate per state, I may have missed several locations ( FTL launch locator is very inaccurate, when you type in the state, it doesn’t provide the entire list of stores until you type different cities). It was a rough process

Most stores are operating on the “first come first served basis) so I’ll be bold enough and assume that each store is probably getting about 30+ pairs.

With that said, Footlocker will be getting about:

302 x 36=10872 and if that’s the case Champs,FTA will also get together 10872 and in Total all 3 stores get about :21744

Online stores: FTL, Champs, FTA and Eastbay

10872/2=5437 for footlocker therefore FTA, Champs and Eastbay will get about the same amount, 5437

All together the total is =21744  +10872=32616 and that is a very conservative number, i’m thinking between 40 and 50k.

Now let’s find the Grand Total:

Our initial assumption was FTL+Chamsps+FTA+Eastbay receive 1/4 of the grand total hence

GT (Grand Total)= 32616 x4=130464 and I think Nike probably produced twice or thrice this amount so I’ll guess between 300k to 400k pairs so let’s stick with 300,000 pairs.

Market Value

The market value is also a reflection of the number of pairs produced; the shoes are retailing for $200+ tax so let’s quickly check on eBay how much they are selling for. I Included the following screenshots and will make some observations about them.

OBSERVATION: $234.47 is a very unlikekly price so I’ll suggest you jump this particular offer before the shoes sell out from this store. I’ll not include this in the market value ( it’s an outlier). I wrote a post about sellers getting legitimate sneakers early and these shoes fall in that category, read post below

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem

I can definitely include the sales data from this screenshot. The shoes are selling between $274 and $299
I included this shot to back up my claim above ( market value between $274-$2990

StockX’s current market value is between $265 and $279, you can CLICK HERE to check the current value on their site.


It’s a great looking shoe that will do well in the retail market ( it’s black and purple), the colors are likable. They will definitely sell out within 3 to 5 days of their release date and random sizes will be available at certain locations weeks after the shoe drops. This is a sneaker that’ll certainly gain in value as time progresses.







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