Air Jordan 12 International Flight | How Many Pairs Made | Market Value

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The Air Jordan 12 International Flight is officially releasing on September the 8th and  today’s post is my attempt to figure out the number of pairs Nike possibly made for North America. Let’s try the subjective method first; I was looking at the description of the shoes on Nike’s site and supposedly they were inspired by MJ’s trip to Japan during which he performed in front of 32,000 fans. So I won’t be surprised if 32,000 pairs are produced accordingly. I want to be more pragmatic so let’s use a little bit  of mathematics to come up with a solid prediction. Footlocker, Champs and Eastbay aren’t getting the shoes and Footaction is the only member of the family that is allocated an inventory. Moreover the sneaker won’t be available on FTA online which definitely means that it’ll be a bit limited. To come up  with the possible number of pairs, I’ll use the following assumptions:

.Footaction receives 1/5 of the total number of pairs produced

.Each footaction location will receive about 24 pairs

There are a total number of 272 footaction stores in North America and if I’m assuming that each location is receiving the shoe then:

Footaction #s= 272 x 24=6528

And if that number represents about 1/5 of the total inventory produced then the Total number of pairs produced is :

Total= 6528 x 5=32640 so i’m assuming about 32k pairs were produced

Market Value:

So far I’ve recorded 78 sales on eBay and they range anywhere from $219 to $240, the screenshot below shows you the latest sales ( so the average selling price $220 on eBay)

This time StockX’s average selling price also agrees with eBay’s average at $220 so I guess the consensus is $220, see screenshot below



Air Jordan 12 International flight

style# BV8016-445, Collegiate Navy Red-sail, $200





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